Friday, July 31, 2015


I am so tired of the racial talk. Hasn't history taught us anything. You can't fight a war with fist, rocks, and a few guns. When your enemy has Automatic weapons, tanks, and missiles.
If you want to fight a war you can win, "STOP SPENDING YOUR MONEY WITH ANYONE YOU FEEL DOESN'T SUPPORT YOUR CAUSE, MOVEMENT OR FREEDOMS." Then you'll get the attention of those hurting us.

We need to educate ourselves on the laws, so we'll know which laws are being broken.
Stop buying Jordan's and high end shoes and sneakers and get your own cameras (Phone, Home, and in the Car) and record the crimes being committed instead of begging the the ones committing the crimes to do so. Like criminals are going to rush to have evidence on themselves. THINK!!!
Lets's Pool our money so when legal situations happen we get more than a public defender or an autopsy done by the Son or Brother in-law of the dude who committed the crime. The power we posses is not in our anger but our ability to economically sustain without those who would see us dead.

Allow history to be our guide. We didn't overthrow anyone to get out of  bondage as slaves. We continued to slip to the north, hiding and plotting, and fighting for our rights legally. Did some die yes but others filled their shoes. Stop trying to match Hate with Hate and start learning how to be a REAL THREATS, LEARN ECONOMIC WARFARE  and understand the power our dollars, talents, and employment really are. Then we might be able to turn the tables.

Also Remember, people of all colors helped, so we're not going to exclude anyone who seriously wants to help in the fight. Every dollars is bullet in the gun we're working with.
To my Christian brother and sisters, we have to do more than pray and crowd into our churches and act as if God is OK with that. Just us praying over the situations going on is not enough. Yes we have to pray, but then, we have to make sure we're standing on God's truth and the actions of truth in our own circles. Showing no fear in dying for what we believe in.  We have to start in our neighborhoods before we yell and scream about other parts of the country.

I am not playing this race game on Facebook. I am going to continue to grind to get to a higher level physically, spiritually, and economically to be able to help others and understand these laws which are being broken. I'll stand on my belief in the Lord as I take on what I believe to be evil without resorting to violence unless I am protecting myself or others.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Black Lives Matter, Yea OK

"Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter,,," 
Yea OK. Stop playing word games which look cute on a shirt or sign. How can black lives matter when WE As folks of color don't support the things which actually affect Black lives? 

We don't defend the very lives we're crying about. A sister was hung in Texas are we writing letters, sending money to family for their legal fees to fight for her justice? Abortions are higher in our communities then any other in the country. Single parent homes are greater in our communities then any others. We don't support local schools or businesses. We don't police or own neighborhoods, and we don't force, yes I said force, our children to read for understanding, intellectual growth, or simply common sense.  We allow others to feed us, clothe us and pay us, All while entertaining those same individuals. We buy clothes which are overpriced because, someone who don't look like us, said its valuable. 

We complain about no representation in movies or on TV but won't support a local show or event. Yet we'll pay thousand to stand in the VIP  area poppin bottles which have been marked up 5 or even 10 times the actually retail price.  So why do we complain when they decide to kill is? 

If "Black Lives Matter" then let's show some action, not reaction.  Let's build  and rebuild what's not seen in our communities.  Let's write the books, plays, or movies we want to see.  I'm sure there are schools which could use our help, a black business who could use our dollars or a children who could use a mentor.  If our communities are in shambles how do we expect others to treat us with any moniker of respect?

Look at the definition of "LIFE" and if "Black Lives Matter" then show me how we're taking care of ourselves and the Lives we have?

the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.
"the origins of life"
synonyms: existence, being, living, animation;
sentience, creation, viability
"the joy of giving life to a child"

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Excerpt From "Luke Warm Saint" My New Novella

Wanted to share a bit of what I am working on with my new book "Luke Warm Saint", an inspirational novella. 

Kevin’s mother stopped sweeping and stared at his face.
“What’s wrong, baby? You look like you have a lot of stress on your mind. Come on in.”
“Ma, I wanted to kick it with you a little bit. I wanted to ask you something.”
“All right. Go ahead.”
“You know Richard and James. We’ve been boys...”
Before Kevin could finish his mother cut him off, “Yeah, I know. You’re whole life. You and Richard were like twins, and James came when you were 10. Yeah, I know the whole story. You have been boys your whole lives.” Kevin’s mother was trying cut the small talk, sensing there was a problem.
“Yeah, but Ma, things are different now.”
“What do you mean, different? Talk to me, son.”
Kevin took a big swallow and decided to speak on what was bothering him.
“James said something to me last night, and I have to admit it’s been eating at me.”
“Okay. What happened?”
“He said that he and I are the same and the life I’m living is just as sinful as the life he’s living and that can’t be true, right?” Kevin’s eyes faced the ground out of fear his mother was not going to say anything favorable. Kevin’s mother placed her soft but wrinkled hands on his face and lifted his chin up from his chest. As only a mother who loves her child could, she spoke frankly as she had his whole life.
“What do you want, the good news first or the bad news?”
“You know me. Give me the bad news.”
“Well, son, James is right. You are living just as sinful as he is. You didn’t need me to tell you that. So please tell me what is really bothering you.”
Kevin reluctantly asked, “So what the hell is the good news?”
“Well, the good news, son, is you have some understanding of the Lord. James doesn’t, so he’s further lost than you are.”
“All right, okay, help me out here. I mean, I read the Bible, and I go to church with you on Sundays, but I am not sure I understand what you are saying? If sin is sin, there is no difference, so there can’t be a good side.”
Kevin’s mother smiled as she listened to her son.
“What I’m saying is imagine both of you are drowning. James is in over his head, and you’re up to about your nose, so you are still getting a little air in. James is under the water and can’t see where he is."
Kevin nodded, more out of feeling the need to do something than from him fully understanding his mother.
“Son,” his mother continued, “what’s happening now is your Holy Spirit is being tossed back and forth because of the relationships you have with your friends. The Bible is clear. It says to flee all sinful situations and here you have a friend who makes his living off sinful situations, which means every time you get together, his sinful nature is brought to your table. But you have your own problems. You have become your grandfather, and so James, not realizing it, is speaking the truth. 

I know the original due has changed a few times. But I have found my edge and I am getting this book together and ready for release. 
Book will be made available to pre-order soon on the Bravin Publishing website. Stay tuned.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

"A Compassionate Kick In The Butt"

"A Compassionate Kick In The Butt"

Good Morning guys.

We all write for various  reasons, attention, clarification, entertainment, whatever. In my case with that blog it was to allow others to see where I'm going and hope they hold me accountable. Since folks do pay attention to what you write and then check if it lines up with what they see you are doing. I had a friend, who lives in Europe, who read the blog and felt he could help me get to where I was trying to go. As well as release the things I have been holding back on.

He offered, in his words, "A Compassionate Kick In the Butt".  I was honored. However the real test was, would I be willing to humble myself to allow, someone who is basically a stranger, into my life to assist me. I felt the conversations' we've shared on social media to this point were of valued and so I decided to give in and do so.
The call we shared the other day allowed me to look at myself through a different lenses. When I say "I needed to be on that call",,, I truly did.

I am writing this morning to say to anyone reading. Don't miss chances to get help from those on your pages and sites. Some are really into you as a person and want what's best for you. Don't be afraid to humble yourself to get help. Not always be careful but open minded.
Finally, when you see the opening run, not walk, though it to the person you want to see in the world. The world is going to spin regardless but are you allowing the real you to take part in all its glory. That is what I am doing with allowing the K. L. God created, who first picked up a pen to help others and to express himself to get back to business.

The motto of my company Bravin Publishing "Writing From the Hear The It Should Be"  and that is exactly what I am working on. I sense my passions returning and it has made the days following so much better. The Lord doesn't make mistakes and if you learn to listen to the voice inside of you and pay attention to those sent to help you. There is nothing you can't do in this world.

I pray this helps someone. God Bless.
K. L. Belvin

Hebrews 13:2 (NIV)
Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

Check out my friend Brian. I am sure his words will help you also.