Friday, July 25, 2014

Sometimes it's good to look back and see where the Lord has brought you

Sometimes it's good to look back and see where the Lord has brought you to fully grasp why you can't quit and you have to continue to trust the Lord's plan even when you don't understand. 

In February 2008 I was invited to write for author Mary B. Morrison. A New York Times bestselling authors who heard me on a radio show and wanted me to write about my wife, Tiff and I. My story was placed in her novel "Who's Loving You" I was super excited and felt I had an opportunity to become a professional writer. Later in the year my first book "A Man In Transition" was released. My poetry was out for the world to consume and I was proud of myself.

In 2009, I took another step to better myself as an writer I applied to be a part of upcoming anthology which was looking for male authors. This was my chance to write fictional works which was wasn't my strong suit. Ellisa Gabriel of Peace In The Storm Publishing choose me to be a part of "Soul of a Man" an anthology featuring 13 brothers from around the country. We came together to write stories about men overcoming negative situations through their faith. My story was accepted and the book went on to win an literary award for best anthology of 2009. Again I was super excited in where the Lord was taking my writing career.

But like in any professional walk there are pitfalls. With my poetry being out and the anthology in hand, I started to get frustrated with the lack sales of both books. I noticed people would compliment me on each book but sales weren't reflecting the positive feedback I was receiving. I was promoting the books everywhere I could within my financial means, yet the sales weren't increasing.

Towards the end of 2009 my frustration began to get the best of me. I decided I was going to quit as an author and poet. I had reached a point where I couldn't see a positive future for me. I would hear compliment after compliment but it wasn't turning into sales and I couldn't understand why. My books were not street fiction, not erotica, or any of the genres which seemed to captures people's attention. I would hear the same thing about my poetry and inspirational works of art, "K. L. I like your ideas but I don't really read that type of work" So I got up one morning and I posted on my FaceBook page "I was done, I quit as author". Within 5 minutes of posting the status a book reviewer, named Debbie Shai Delano, who had read my poetry book and gave it 4 of 5 starts reached out. She said "K. L. you can't leave the game. K. L. your voice is needed. Your poetry has to be heard and you are a talented writer". Listening, I was having a problem seeing what she was seeing. She then said, " K. L. if I can get you a writing deal would you consider remaining in the game?" I thanked Debbie for the offer but I declined because I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I decided to take a few days off to pray and meditate on what the next step was going to be for me.  

After a few days of solid reflection I thought about it and came to the mindset, sales are not going to dictate who I was as a poet and writer.  I reminded myself, I didn't come into this game to make money, but to help those who read my work. I forced myself to stay focused on my spiritual reasons for doing the things I do as a poet and author.

With the new mindset, I moved forward and created my own company. Bravin Publishing was created to assist authors with the literary services needed to have control of their work. My spirit said to me "You came to help others, then lets help others" That is exactly what I did. Bravin Publishing was created to supply the literary services an author needs to take their book from their computer to book form.

A month after creating Bravin Publishing, we later signed our first client. Jovan Roseboro was the first author to come to us and he asked us to help him recreate his book. He had signed a bad deal with a publisher who was holding his book and profits hostage. Our job wasn't going to be easy. We had to find a way to use the name of his book, but get people to buy the new book and not be confused with the old one. After brainstorming and planning, I came up with a way to help Brother Jovan. I figured since his first book was red, we would make his new one blue. He first book was plain, one dimensional so I created his book two dimensional and added his figure to the front cover and face on the rear cover. I found a designer to added pictures to the front cover which represented the various business connections Jovan was a part of. We also change the interior to add his self-help information along with a recount of his personal sacrifice walk of over 400 miles from Fayetteville, NC to Washington D. C.  He loved his book as well as the readers who saw it and read it.

We had published our first book for someone other than myself. I had did what I set out to do, which was to help someone using the talents I have. The Lord had shown me another way to remain focused and positive in this literary game.

Since that time I have worked with various authors and have published 15 books (along with my second in 2011 "From Gigolo to Jesus" my memoir). I currently have an author's second book, about to be completed this week, as well as my third book will be published later this winter.

You see each time I get frustrated and want to walk away, I think of the people we've helped. The people who stepped in to remind me my work was valuable and needed. Sales have been up and down but it hasn't bothered me a bit. I am sure as the future unfolds the catalog of work I have created with Bravin Publishing will be received with open arms as the world learns about who I am as an author and what I have been doing as a publisher.

Our books are designed for the whole family to read. We have created poetry (2), memoirs (3), historical (2), fiction (2), inspirational (1), urban science fiction (1), poetic anthologies (2), marriage counseling (2) (both in Spanish) and Christian Fiction (1).

My vision is to find a way to get folks around the country to read all of our books and expose them to the different authors we have worked with. My prayers and dreams are slowly coming true but I am remaining faithful to the idea hatched in 2010, which is to continue to support others and look to help all those who come to us and need us. It hasn't been easy nor do I see the future being easy. I reflect often to remind myself to stay honest to who I say I am and who I am working to be in literary arenas. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Coming this fall, "Luke Warm Saint" My latest novel.

Coming this Fall "Luke Warm Saint" by K. L. Belvin, A Christian Fiction Novella 

"What is a handsome educated man to do when he's torn between his love of the ladies and his feeling? Check out how I place my spin on a classic struggle between right and wrong. 

Luke Warm Saint, published by Bravin Publishing cover designed by Gregory Graphics

 Here is an excerpt from this griping story: 

 Yeah, but Ma, things are different now.”“What do you mean, different? Talk to me, son.”Kevin took a big swallow and decided to speak on what was bothering him.“James said something to me last night, and I have to admit it’s been eating at me.”“Okay. What happened?”“He said that he and I are the same and the life I’m living is just as sinful as the life he’s living and that can’t be true, right?” Kevin’s eyes faced the ground out of fear his mother was not going to say anything favorable. Kevin’s mother placed her soft but wrinkled hands on his face and lifted his chin up from his chest. As only a mother who loves her child could, she spoke frankly as she had his whole life.“What do you want, the good news first or the bad news?”“You know me. Give me the bad news.”“Well, son, James is right. You are living just as sinful as he is. You didn’t need me to tell you that. So please tell me what is really bothering you.”Kevin reluctantly asked, “So what is the good news?”

“Well, the good news, son, is you have some understanding of the Lord. James doesn’t, so he’s further lost than you are.”“All right, okay, help me out here. I mean, I read the Bible, and I go to church with you on Sundays, but I am not sure I understand what you are saying? If sin is sin, there is no difference, so there can’t be a good side.”Kevin’s mother smiled as she listened to her son. “What I’m saying is imagine both of you are drowning. James is in over his head, and you’re up to about your nose, so you are still getting a little air in. James is under the water and can’t see where he is. You still have a chance."

Kevin's mother voice was soft and passionate.Kevin nodded, more out of feeling the need to do something than from him fully understanding his mother.“Son,” his mother continued, “what’s happening now is your Holy Spirit is being tossed back and forth because of the relationships you have with your friends. The Bible is clear. It says to flee all sinful situations and here you have a friend who makes his living off sinful situations, which means every time you get together, his sinful nature is brought to your table. But you have your own problems.
You have become your grandfather, and so James, not realizing it, is speaking the truth.

Pre-order information will be released soon. The book is set for a fall / winter release. Place sign up here on the blog with your email, to get current updates about the book and all recent information about K. L. Belvin. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Just a few of the books which have changed my life.

As an author we all bring our experiences to the table when we write.
Over the years there have books which have changed my life and lead me to where I am as writer and author. 

- 1st Reading "The Autobiography of Malcolm X" at 21 changed my life and gave my life meaning and understanding as young man lost with no male role model. This book was timely since I had recently found out I was now the father of a 4 month old daughter. 1989

"Never Satisfied" & "Men Cry In The Dark" caused me to say to myself. If people like theses book I know I can write a better book. Of course that means I didn't like, nor agree with his take with either of the books.  I was already writing poetry and erotic stories and preparing a book to feature all of it. I was now more determined. 1999 
- Brother Michael Basiden's two books

"The Bible" became the book of all books which would move me closer to the Lord. After creating a book worth of sexually based poems and stories my life came to a personal and professional crossroad.  This allowed me to turn away from the fleshly focused man I was at that point to becoming a man of God. My life changed and I started reading and trusting the Word . 2006

"A Man In Transition"  published by Bravin Publishing My wife was inspirational in convincing me to write and publish my first book. She asked me to open up and allow the world to read the poetry I only showed her. This was my introduction to the literary arena. 2008

"The Soul of Man" showed me I had a future as a writer. Elissa Gabrielle took a chance and added me to an incredible line up of talented published authors. We heeded the call and came together to write an anthology which became a award winner (2009 Anthology Of the Year) I used a story which was originally erotic fiction, but I turned the theme into one which would honor the Lord. It worked, I was blessed to play a role in this outstanding book. 2009

"The Only One That Can Stop Me Is Me" by Jovan Roseboro published by Bravin Publishing was Bravin Publishing's first contracted author. When we created our company we weren't sure if authors would use our services. Jovan Roseboro stepped up and asked us to work with him. We recreated his book which he was originally published with a different publisher. The outcome was positive for both of us. Brother Roseboro has been the anchor to what has been a continuous run with currently 16 books completed since we finished his. This book will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank You brother Jovan for trusting us with your vision. 2010

"From Gigolo to Jesus" published by Bravin Publishing This book changed my life. Again I listened to my wife. She convinced me the world needs to know who I am. I sat and finished a manuscript I started in 2006 but placed it off to the side. Once I committed to completed this book my life went to a new level. I have seen my book help others and open doors I couldn't have dreamt of on my own. I thank the Lord for all he has done for others and myself through this book. 2011

There have been many other books which have shaped me as an educator, father, poet, mentor and such... These are just a few I wanted to signal out. My prayer is one day create enough books which change the lives of others the way these books have changed mine. 

If you want to order any of the Bravin Books listed including "The Soul of a Man" come by

God Bless. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A throw back interview from 3 years ago. My message of change is still as strong.

Found this throw back interview from 3 years ago. Had a great time doing the show back then. Still trying to get the message out about change. #MENDOCHANGE #WECANFIXTHIS

I am working hard to get the info out about my books and movement. Everyday I am working to get men to understand their role in their relationships.