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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Older Saints It Might Be Time to Move to the Side.

Had to jump on FB live tonight after having a conversation with my long time good friend Ayoka Boyce aka Author - Nikki P. Serene <<<< click her name to check out her FB page. Also check out her blog https://morningcoffeeanddailyinspirations.wordpress.com/
We had a wonderful conversation and Lord place this word on my spirit.

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Had to Get My Pen Out For Black History Month!.

Black History Month Never!
If the apprehension, attempted destruction, and lack of historical remorse or assistance of people of color doesn't move you emotionally or spiritually there is nothing we can create together. To rock with me, you must see my people in our entirety if true change is to happen.
I am a decendant of brutalized people, many including some of my own, want us to forget what was done with no oppisition. Its my choice not too hate but forgetting isn't an option.
Black history month could never be 1 month when my mirror works daily. You want to help and build with me, see All of Me first.
From those painful ashes was born A Son, A Husband, A Father, A Multiple College Degree Holder. A Tax Paying Citizen, A Business Owner, A Published Author, and A Man strong enough not to hate but who looks to create and build a world full of opportunities and Love which were stolen from my ancestors.
Black History Month, Never!!!! By Keith L. Belvin
"Please don't steal my words without giving me credit. For then you become better than those discussed in this post."

True love and respect for a person is to care about and embrace them despite their choices. You can love someone and disagree with them. If you can't it might be time to check your maturity level. Love the person not their actions. 
Keith L. Belvin.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Its Time To Do, Not Complain. They're looking right past us.

When it was written "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" it never said what destruction we would face... Now we can see for ourselves it was the destruction of our finances, our relationships, our communities, and our lives which have been placed in a state of flux because we continue to look towards others to save us.
In these desperate times we still won't turn towards each other and say, "Let's figure out a way to save each other." But yet we watch and participate in everything which has nothing to do with us or the improvement of our situation.
How long do we dance around the fact we have nothing of national value, owning nothing which can create national change, and many of us won't share with those who look the same across the country. We're scare to call out those who remain quiet while benefiting from the country's current mindset while we gain nothing and lose what little position we had.
I simply ask everyone to start looking at things in their communities and offer something to transparent organizers who are doing the ground work but could use the assistance. Find business owners and support them by investing in their efforts while working out a deal to receive a fair portion of the profits which should be kicked back from your investment. Fill our children with the knowledge many of their elders don't seem to have time to learn or choose to share.
In these dark times in the country the problems or solutions are in the hands of the lease represented. Since so many continue to look past at us with their arguments and disagreements. It’s time to quietly stockpile all we need to protect and save ourselves.
Good Night.
Keith Belvin
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Friday, January 20, 2017

Stop Complaining About Trump, When We Don't Do For Each Other.

Oh could we use a thinker and speaker of this magnitude. Rest In Peace Brother Shabazz 

How many of these hearings are we going to watch before we realize the government was never the answer to the problems we face as people of color. When the real answers have been in the mirror everyday. 

Many brothers and sister in our past and present have shown what's possible when folks pool their brain power and resources They've overcame incredible odds and racism too boot. 
We're so scared to place a dollar in our brother or sister's hand that we make ourselves feel better giving our money to people with a history of assisted genocide directly and indirectly (yes, by saying nothing but raking in the benefits is indirect assistance to genocide).

Yet we worry about the president who's leaving and one who's coming in and the body count of innocent people of color keeps mounting.

We need to worry as much about the survival of self owned businesses, self published authors, independent entertainers, and cultural based schools (very few) who are operated by those who look like us and who many of you choose not to support for the weakest reasons.
We on here worried about Trump taking office and crying over Obama leaving when both are paid for life with our tax money while our situations are growing worse. (Yes I said it, things didn't get better over the last 8 years they grew worse for people of color. Check the murder rates!!!!)

Man let me get back to my school work and writing these books. I have books to create so more folks can once again pat me on the back for writing and publishing them myself, while not offering to purchase or support the business or the books.

I guess Trump caused that too. Bravin Publishing est. 2010. Hmmmmmm?????