Sunday, September 28, 2014

Support and advice for Fathers with Family Court.

I help folks in many areas,, one that I love which many people don't know is helping men understand how to handle themselves in Family Court. Often the problem is "attitude, lack of knowledge, and poor insight with their own situation. As part of the brand I am building, I am going to increase my work in this area. The children hurt by this battle is my focus. I have worked as a Life Coach dealing with men and the courts, sat with magistrate from NYC Support Enforcement to gain clarity, and I personally gone to family court 6 times and have had no problems in or out because of preparation, understanding, and focus. This advice is by no means to support the fathers who are rude and disrespectful in any way. But to help those fathers who feel there is no answers or support for them out there. Plus I feel fathers are the key to fixing many of the problems in our homes across the country. 
Stay tune my new website is under reconstruction,, but if you have questions hit me up at

***Family Court Tip for the Brothers.*** 
Fellas, remember family court is where you finalize certain matters with your children and their mothers. Stop looking at it with fear and doubt. When possible humble yourself and attempt to work with the mother of your child/ren. If there is no way positive cordial gains can be made then deal with things in court. Remember, do not argue or make threats, it gains nothing and makes it worse for you. Even if she has said things which you know are off the wall. You still have to control your actions and words. 

If you were negative and foul don't act like you never did anything wrong. Own your history and look forward to a positive outcome. Don't stress money because that is going to play a role in the outcome. The judge or magistrate doesn't know you and if has landed in their court they have to deal with the case. They are not picking on you. They are dealing with the issues. If the water is just to muddy to work on anything together, close your mouth and simply prepare you paperwork. 

Be ready to ask any questions you may have so you can ask them calmly in court. However, the more you can work on together the less the courts are going to be needed. Remember the focus is your child/ren and for that reason a positive attempt is warranted. This may not be easy but you don't have to add to the it bring rough. Look for and want a positive outcome for the sake of the child. 

"Repairing the family is the way to repair our communities." K. L. Belvin

Friday, September 26, 2014

Reality and Relationship, Thursday 9/25. Got on a little late.

We enjoyed our show on Thursday. We discussed current events, Ray Rice, and much more.
We got on a little late (8:22)but had a great show. Make sure you check out the show.... Share with a friend.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pro Sports Are Suspect

Pro sports are so suspect, they'll take cats from the hood pay them millions, and act like the problems in the hood don't exist. The minute, the problems they never addressed shows themselves they blame the athletes for not knowing better. How long are brothers going to fall for this. Brothers take the millions and enrich yourself. If you think the cats paying you care your beyond dumb. So no excuses will be excepted if you return to hood because you gave it away being stupid.
In listening to the so-called outrage over domestic violence in sports because of Ray Rice and others are we to think this is new. Not at all. Definitely not rare in the communities baby of the athletes they employ come from. This is the criticpart that rubs me the wrong way. These organizations could care less what's happening on a regular basis but the minute sponsor money disappears this becomes a call of action about them trying to save the women who are being abused. Even thoughthis happens routinely in the communities most of their athletes come from.
Let TMZ or any other seedy journalistic organization get a story we're off and running.
Today's athlete has to be smarter and practice more discernment with how they carry themselves in and out of public view. They should use their millions and access to get help with the problems they suffer from so we can reduce the amount of violence against women and children in their homes or neighborhoods which do not make TMZ or any other news outlet.
As much as I hate it, the weight is on the athletes. When you sign for the money you sign for it all. Please don't expect us to shed tears for you if you gave it all away beating your wife or your child.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

“When Destiny Turns Into Destruction --The Queen Named Jezebel”

If you missed my sermon tonight here is the link. I want to thank New Testament Temple End Time Remnant Int. For asking to take part on the Tele Conference Revival

I am excited to have served the Lord tonight to preached a word. “When Destiny Turns Into Destruction --The Queen Named Jezebel” Tonight's scriptures were 1 Kings 16:31-33, 1 Kings 19:1-2, 1 Kings 21, Revelations 2

Plus check out and support their ministry. New Testament Temple End Time Remnant Int. PO box 291 Green Pond S.C 29446.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

My most recent interview on "The Funky Writer" Show.

It was a pleasure to make another guest appearance on the Funky Writer show after a four year absence. The half of hour goes by way to quick. 

Shout out to the host Robert Batista for inviting me to come back on the air.