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Thursday, April 27, 2017

My recent interview with Zion Roseboro 04/27

Check out my latest interview With Zion Roseboro on  Help4men Radio
Life's Transitions With Zion Roseboro 04/27 by Help4men Radio | Politics Podcasts: One transition we eagerly await is winter turning into spring. It brings abundant sunshine, trees blossoming, warm breezes and a relief from snow. Many of life's transitions are more difficult for people, especially transitions from childhood into puberty; marriage into divorce or widowhood; high school into college times, etc. These important changes in life have a major impact on us and are tricky to navigate. We can't avoid them. One thing we know: Change will occur whether we are ready or not. As Heraclitus said: ?No man ever steps into the same river twice.?

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