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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Return To Blogging

Its funny how our lives twist and turn. How we become something different with each postive and negative bounce to our lives. The tools we use at one time of our lives become something so different at a later time. Let me explain what I am talking about.

I am not new to blogging. This was one of the main pimp tools I used when trying to sneak and get my whoring on. The net is great place for folks who have deviant sexual desires. You can work it all out online so all that's left is to meet and seal the sexual deal. Hence the blog was one of the main means of making that happen. Its going on everyday all day. Consider what is to be gained being able to express fictitious feelings and strong sexual urges through poem or short story. Imagining the looks and reactions of someone as each word brings them close to some type of sick extacy over a person they don't know a damn thing about. Such is life here on the net. Such was mine some time ago in not to distant past.

Now the change. I have grown up since that man took these keys and typed out messages to the freaky masses. I have grown into a man that can be respected and wants to be respected when placing my words out to the world. Becoming a professional writer has changed me because I didn't completely understand the power of words in action. I knew words were powerful tools. I had shaped my "PIMP GAME" around them in the streets. I made sure my intelligence was laced through the slick typing and talking I laid down. Now, I understand the other side. The side where people need help and your words might bring them comfort. I see how something you write cuts into someone soul and eases their fears or holds them up when they are weak. The power to grab a person's attention so much they react overwhelmed when they meet you.

Maturity brings understanding that could not be there with inexperience. I can't say youth because I have seen and spoken to some younger folks who's maturity level is through the roof. I am referring to the maturity that comes as you write knowing someone is waiting on you, waiting on your thoughts. That type of power is such you have to be careful you don't let it go to your head and corrupt you absolutely as the old term goes.

I am not on the level, yet, of the so called great writers of our time. You can fill in the blanks on who you think. What I do feel and know about myself is my mind is on their level. My commitment, dedication and body of work is at a infantile place compare to many before me. However my thoughts are there with the best. My mind is as powerful as any writer you can think off because I know I have story after story and poem after poem floating around in my grey matter. My imagination can create whole universe if I were to place in on paper. I just am not sure if I want to make my living writing about what's going on in my head. ""SMILE""
I love talking about what is going on in there, but writing is something I am still undecided on.

Well, its great to be back to blogging so buckle up. I have no clue what I am going to write about. You'll see some love bases articles, some God based entries and everything in between. At the moment I am a self published author and no one can change that. I have a feeling you are going to see and hear more from me as I attempt to make a difference on this planet. Enjoy the ride.

Peace, Love and Respect
God Bless.

K. L. Belvin
"A Man In Transition"

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