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Monday, December 22, 2008

For the little who have it rough this time of year! Father's Listen!!

I have spent many a day in school listening to the pain our children have at the hands of Fathers who don't seem to understand the power of their absence. No greater time than the holidays when those actions hit home. This is a piece that speaks to the Promises not kept.. It might sting a little and fathers if your one that is mention in the poem today is never a bad day to start to reconnect with your children.

It was this time of the year when you said, don't worry baby I'll be there.
I stood staring out the stained window waiting.
How could you not come and keep your word?
Like the other times you continue to kill my dreams.

Mom tries to comfort the pain but it runs deep.
She was a victim of the same poison you’re feeding me.
Here I am waiting on a Santa who apparently doesn't like children.
As each car passes I feel a little less human.

What did I do? I didn’t ask to be here.
You spoke those words so strong, so clear, I fell for it again.
Each year, I grow only to feel the same pain differently.
Why do you continue to steal my joy from me, my love for you is real?

The words "I have a gift for you or you know I love you" has the taste of a curse.
Yet I continue to hope and pray the Lord has pity on me.
On days like today I should be out and in creation enjoying this holiday season.
But all I do is fight off hate and your lies disguised as Promises.

By K. L.

author of "A Man In Transition"

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