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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Recent Writing,, On I Luv Black Women

I recently was asked to write about "Why I Love Black Women" for

My brother does a great job with featuring love for "Black Women" stop by often and enjoy!!

Why I Love Black Women

By K. L. Belvin

There are questions that seem easy to answer and when you sit and reflect on how to answer you find it’s not as easy to answer. In my case it’s the complexity of black women which causes the racing of my thoughts. So what I am going to do is give you an open look at why I love the black women in my life, over the years and in black women in general.

First and foremost, I love my wife. She is a strong, sexy, secure, and thick sister. She has shown herself to be a gift to me. The Lord must have sent her for me because of how we fit each other’s lives. Looking at her you just don’t see a wife, you see an African American role model. As a black woman she doesn’t allow the world to order her steps. My mother and grandmother represent a different time of black women. They come from an era where it’s been the belief that sisters should just be seen and take care of the home. Not these two black women they are far from ordinary. If there is anything traditional about them it would be they are of the fuller figured body shape. In their day a woman wasn’t judge by the size of her body, but the way she helped her family and supported her man. However there was another set, a group of sisters who had to raise their children alone. Who made their mistakes with certain choices of men, yet they refused to allow their families to suffer from it. As black women they represent that southern mother and grandmother. Smart enough to know what is right or wrong. They may not have finished college, but they were doctor, psychologist, coach, referee and chef all in the same household.

Throughout the years I have found my choice of black women reflect the women who lived in the areas I grew up. To be direct, I had a thing for Ghetto girls. If that term can hold any merit one would need to understand the mentality of a black woman from an urban area. These sisters are the product of pain, joy, happiness and sorrow. They have loved and lost. They have hurt and been hurt. They have children not always in the setting that most of America would say was proper. Yet these black women have nursed into existence some of the most intriguing children the world has ever seen. You see these sisters are not all the stay home, baby machines many would make them out to be. Many are homemakers, personal bankers and handymen without the guidance of role model. I am not trying to generalize these sisters. They are entirely too complex for any one person to attempt to do so. I simply am speaking on just one facet of black women in this country. As I grew academically so did my contact with other black women. I started to travel this country and see the variety of sisters we have here in the US. Once I went to other countries of color to see black women there, I was touched for ever. Black women are simply phenomenal.

That leads me to this close. Black women to me simply have an edge on their counter parts. I am not downgrading other races and cultures of sisters. However, I am elevating the Black Sister. Black women just walk a little sexier then others. She wears a dress just a little better. She can even make an extra couple of pounds so attractive you’ll hop out your car or off a bus to get her name. She can work a hairstyle like no other on this planet and yet keep you guessing. Yes given a room full of lovely ladies from all over, I am going with the Black woman. It’s not a knock just choice. I pray that sisters' understand their value and worth and continue to hold it down because there are brothers, who need you, want you, adore you, and of course Love you...

By. K. L. Belvin

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