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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let It Go!! a tribute to an Ex..

Let it Go!
(Ode to an Ex)

To hold a negative feeling hostage is the worst type of sickness. It’s been to long doesn’t time heal all wounds? But what happens when the person doesn’t know their sick?

You pass this disease on to all who come in contact with you. Yet you blame others. You’re dying slowly and here you believe you’re happy.

Your children can sense it. They dare not speak on it. Their silence is secured by the uneasiness of your behavior.

How long will you hold this gun to the head of anyone you deem unworthy? With each insult and quip your souls hardens. You are hallow.

You are quick to point out the flaws of others. However, you remain perfect in every way subliminally. Love has a very different meaning to you.

Those close to you hold to the hope change will come. But that’s a song and you can’t hear the music. You simply feel the world will pay for what it’s done to you.

I pray for you because I remember when you were without this pain. Back then, I was the caused of it. Today, I don’t understand why you cling to it like rope to a drowning man.

One day you’ll awaken from your spiritual hibernation and see these days long past. Age and lost youth will be your prize for time wasted. You will know what many a bitter person has learned.

Every step of this walk called life we will face these moments. You are not alone in what has happened in your trek of living. However, the price paid will be great when all you had to do from the start was Let it Go!!

By. K. L. Belvin

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