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Friday, June 19, 2009

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Grand Prize Winner: Keith Belvin
Your Name: Keith Belvin
Father's Name: Eiljah Causey
City, State: Jamaica, NY
Relation to Father (son, daughter, etc.): Son
My father and I didn't know each other until I was 39 years old. We reconnected after all that time due to me searching for him. He was a young man who didn't know what being a father was supposed to be. He created many lives he couldn't take care of. Well, it turned out I was the same way. In finding my faith and learning to forgive, I searched him out and we finally met. I listened and learned his story to find out that he was worried if I had been told the truth about him. He also had changed his ways and found his faith. Here we were trying to be better men to our families not knowing we were praying to the same God and wanting to see each other because of what our faith taught us. He should be in the Hall of Fame because he was able to humble himself and meet me after 39 years and say he was sorry and that he was ready to be my friend if I would allow him. We have been friends ever since. It was truly an honor to see my father had changed as I had. Our families are healing because of our reconnection. We have begun to break the chains that bind many families of color. In the picture you'll see both my father and my brother meeting our father for the first time. Two weeks later he honored my request and came to my wedding. It was a great gift. and

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