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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Type of Poet I am.. When you hear me say I am a Traditional Poet here is why..

When I do interviews I refer to myself as a Traditional poet. Too often many may not understand why I make such a designation. Its because, when I read a piece I am not theatrical or overly animated with my words. However, I like to see it in others when they are performing their craft.
I look at my work as serving dinner. I try to give in courses, so you have time to enjoy what was given and what is to come. Not placing it all in front of you for you to sample what you please. However there are times the buffet is need for those who choose to sample. I enjoy reading the words to create a, moment, a thought, an idea so there is a connection. When I read its just the words no twisting medaphor or smooth blends. A simply steak trying to be that "a steak" But you see this is me, but there are times when the steaks needs dressing or a different look. It is still steak but in another form or design. This is why all is need to fit the choice of the person who orders the meal. I love all who write and make attempts to reach others with the words inside them.
There is no set definition to any one person but this is where the meter lies with me..

I wanted to share this.. I see so much shadiness going on amongst Poets and Spoken Word Artists when there shouldn't be. Our circles need more unity and understanding to truly be accepted more than we are at the moment. We all serve a role in getting our words to the masses. I think if more brothers and sisters took the time to truly understand what the gifts they are with, their work would be readily accepted by all. There would be greater success with all who attempt this craft.. The success I am speaking of doesn't mean in terms of finances but in terms of peace of mind with your words and what they represent..

The so called industry will have its wants and norms but if we are true to our craft we will be more than rich we will be blessed.
Just my thoughts.. Poets, Spoken Word Artist, Slam Artist, Wordsmiths, whatever the designation is it all has a place and we have to be true to what we create...

Traditional Poetry

Traditionalists generally believe that poems give enduring and universal life to what was merely transitory and particular. Through them, the poet expresses his vision, real or imaginative, and he does so in forms that are intelligible and pleasurable to others, and likely to arouse emotions akin to his own. Poetry is language organized for aesthetic purposes. Whatever else it does, poetry must bear witness, must fulfill the cry: 'let not my heart forget what mine eyes have seen.' A poem is distinguished by the feeling that dictates it and that which it communicates, by the economy and resonance of its language, and by the imaginative power that integrates, intensifies and enhances experience. Poems bear some relationship to real life but are equally autonomous and independent entities that contain within themselves the reason why they are so and not otherwise. Unlike discourse, which proceeds by logical steps, poetry is intuited whole as a presentiment of thought and/or feeling. Workaday prose is an abbreviation of reality: poetry is its intensification. Poems have a transcendental quality: there is a sudden transformation through which words assume a particular importance. Like a bar of music, or a small element in a holographic image, a phrase in a poem has the power to immediately call up whole ranges of possibilities and expectations. Art is a way of knowing, and is valuable in proportion to the justice with which it evaluates that knowledge. Poetry is an embodiment of human values, not a kind of syntax. True symbolism in poetry allows the particular to represent the more general, not as a dream or shadow, but as the momentary, living revelation of the inscrutable.

The poet's task is to resurrect the outer, transient and perishable world within himself, to transform it into something much more real. He must recognize pattern wherever he sees it, and build his perceptions into poetic form that has the coherence and urgency to persuade us of its truth: the intellectual has to be fused with the sensuous meaning. All poets borrow, but where good poets improve on their borrowing, the bad debase. The greatness of the poet is measurable by the real significance of the resemblances on which he builds, the depth of the roots in the constitution, if not of the physical world, then of the moral and emotional nature of man.

Poetry can be verse or prose. Verse has a strong metrical element. An inner music is the soul of poetry. Poetry withers and dries out when it leaves music, or at least some imagined music, too far behind. The diction of poetry is a fiction, neither that of the speaker nor the audience. Without its contrivance poetry is still possible, but is immensely poorer. Subtly the vocabulary of poetry changes with the period, but words too familiar or too remote defeat purpose of the poet.

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