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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 The New Years Poem.


As I stand facing what is the future of being a new me I am silenced by the thoughts of personal reflection.
This past yeas has been a roller coaster ride and like for many the apprehension, thrill and completions are part of this deep personal connection
Each month brought a moment of doubt, happiness, remorse and love
Day after day faded into another, yet as humans we still search for answers from above.
As I am positioned to step into a New Year I am faced with the similar choices from a different point of view.
To considering what changes to make and what areas to strengthen while not changing completely the you that many knew.
A man can lose his mind working on being something to so many but he has to live up the vision he sets for himself.
Toss in responsibilities, work, children and a significant other or lack there of and these moments start to seem overwhelming to oneself.
There are those who will not be able to share in the New Year for their time was called and days ended.
A part of them will be carried as we move in the void of unknowing asking for answers they can no longer lend.
As new people come into our lives, old people are cleaved away
Growth and peace has to be the reason to push and strive for the price paid.
With each bottle popped and cheer into the heavens there must be a quiet time.
For this New Year can’t be taken lightly for it is a start to of profitable increase or a harsh decline.
The world unifies on this very night, proving if we want there are reasons to come together.
Yet in less then 24 hours it will be as if many never even bothered.
New Year is not as easy as many would make it seem, for the focused knows there is much to do.
To all who are dealing with the apprehension at end of the year and onset of the one to follow I stand with you.
I pray we can learn more about each other and move closer as friends.
Since the future is bright for all of as we prepare for the entrance of 2010.

By. K. L. Belvin

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