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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bravin Publishing seeks authors for poetry anthology.

Bravin Publishing
seeks authors for poetry anthology.

We are looking for poets to contribute for consideration in an upcoming anthology to be published by Bravin Publishing. Please submit 3 - 5 poems, each poem has to be unpublished work. Each poem must be no longer than 12 -60 lines. File must be sent via email in Microsoft word without formatting, single spaced, 12 point font. Poems cannot be of an overtly sexual or violent content, contain racist views, nor be derogatory to religious views. Poems will be screened by a Bravin Publishing reviewer.

Poem Submission process:
Author must be able to submit manuscripts in a form acceptable to Bravin Publishing. Manuscripts must be submitted in a single spaced Microsoft word document with a minimum of formatting. Acceptable formatting includes italics, bold and underlines, paragraph indentations, chapter headings and subchapter headings. Special fonts and/or unique design components should not be included with manuscript submission, but sent in a separate document. If Bravin Publishing is unable to open or use documents sent by Author after reasonable effort has been made, Bravin Publishing may either decline the submission

If selected the author will be given a contract to have their work featured in upcoming poetry anthology. Poets will be given 2 free copies as well as be able to purchase the book at only $2 over the printing cost. This will provide each poet a opportunity to create profit for themselves with each book sold. Poets will be able to purchase unlimited number of titles.

K. L. Belvin
President, Bravin Publishing

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