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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Check out my brother "Jay Everyday's" Show

I am proud to promote my brother Jermaine "Jay Everyday" Smith and his lovely co-host Barbara A. Crooks aka B. C. on the Jay Everyday Radio Show. Check out his show every Weds night 6:30pm - 9PM Jermaine is a true talent. A great brother. I had the pleasure of sitting and supporting his movement. He is also a man of Faith who uses his gifts from the Lord.

Also check out his online magazine being view daily.
Check out B. C. and her tremendous blog which you'll fall in love with.

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The B.C. Chronicles said...

K.L. what a lovely thing to read on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. Thank you for sharing such kind words with your readers. I look forward to see what the New Year brings for all of us as a team! We are changing the world one person at a time. I feel blessed to be connected with both you and Jay and I can only imagine what else is in store for the team.

Much Luv

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