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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Three Ingreidants One Foundation Radio Show

Every Friday

Three Ingrediants and One Foundation Radio Show try to make Fridays a day of fun and great radio. We use our show to give folks a great laugh. Listen to a few of our past show and the great guest we have had on. We are currently #4 on the Everyday Radio line up and moving up. Tell a friend to come and listen ever 7-10 on and see why we will be pushing the top spot soon.

April 22 Our last show of Poetry Month, Getting in some good natured fun.

April 15 we had a studio full sexy, intelligent women. Speaking on what today's business woman is all about. We had a blast with special guest Veronica Wiggins & The Diamond Royalty D.I.V.A.S

April 8 Brother Trevis Moore, and his unique views on many things.

April 1 Two of the Wise Men from the Understanding. Explaining what they do on the Understanding.

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