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Monday, May 9, 2011

Bravin's Latest Book Release. Empress Poetry, "Impressions of a Poet"

Tiffany and I love the business we created. Not only to get our books out but to do the same for the authors who come to us looking to invest in themselves.
We make sure your work is done in the most professional way. Tonight was the release of our latest author Empress Poetry. Her new book "Impressions of a Poet" will be available this week on

However there is another side of doing this work, when you get to spend time with people. When you get to look in their eyes and know you're making a difference. I love my wife and this company we have. Tonight I had to express both. Enjoy.

Bravin Publishing is slowing growing into a company the whole family can enjoy.

our motto
"Writing From The Heart, The Way It Should Be"

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