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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Family, Its Time For Some Action.

Family, it’s time for some action.

Here is how we begin to solve the problems in our homes, communities, and schools; Start with self and what you put out to the world in the forms of conversations, panels, blogs or even Face Book posts. Begin holding people accountable for the message they are conveying. Hold your family, friends, neighbors, educators, politicians, and everyone you come in contact with accountable to what they do, write, and say.

Next, pay close attention to the words people use around you, in songs, movies and books. A person's choice of words represents what is truly at the heart of who they are. Learn to decipher words and look past simple meanings. This doesn't require a degree; one will help though, but demand more even in conversation. Again you have to push yourself to get there so it will become easier each day. Learn to listen closely. This means staying quiet more and speaking when you truly have something you want people to hear. The Bible says:

Proverbs 18:21 (New International Version)
21 The tongue has the power of life and death,
and those who love it will eat its fruit.

Begin to believe what you say in this world matters to all who hear it. This is why you have to be careful in what you release and take in.

Next, check what you’re reading and who you’re purchasing it from. They wrote a book, so what! Are they a good person, does their company perform sound and honest business transactions, does their character fall in line with your beliefs, is their message what you have come to accept in your house or around your family? These are demands you can make when you receiving goods and services from others. If you don't like the answers then walk away.
Evaluate what you do for entertainment. Turn the damn TV off and step away from the PC or smart phone if you're not attempting to learn something new for further self-development. (The Smart Phone branding label, alone, shows the foolishness being marketed to us). Surfing the net can and should be fun, but if you spend hours online and all you have learned is who wore what where, who dumped who, and how much money someone else is making that is not going to put a dime in your pocket you have wasted what could have been much more productive time. We have to reacquire how to enjoy human contact. Let’s get back to face-to-face social interaction. Next, re-evaluate and change your circles where necessary. In every Holy and Philosophical book there are references to the people, thoughts, frequencies and energy you surround yourself with. There has to be something to this fact, if so many different individuals can see the dangers of negativity around you. Light and dark can’t occupy the same space as said in the Bible. It’s now time to purge yourself of the folks who would bring poison to your lips by being your friend. Yes, I use metaphors for a reason. It's that serious. Think of maintaining a negative relationship as someone climbing stairs while someone happily adds weight to your back at the same time saying they are trying to help you climb. Do you get the picture?

Finally, guard your time, like you would your life or your family. Money, gold and all the other so called precious objects hold no weight to time. It truly is the most precious commodity a person can have. People have fought to keep from getting older for the fear of death is a rude motivator. However time plays a deeper role in what you do or don't do has a lasting effect on those around you. The power of one person is so overlooked, to such a degree, when we see someone else making incredible moves we secretly root for them which speak to the fears we have within ourselves.

Nothing I have written here is new, but very well needed. We have to find a way to heal and move forward. It is possible if we convince ourselves it is. I am taking the stand and asking anyone to come and join me in moving to a more positive plane of existence. My hand is out, next step is yours.

K. L. Belvin
Bravin Publishing

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