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Monday, July 4, 2011

African American Author's Expo Author of The Week

Bravin Publishing LLC,
a boutique publisher that can create the foundation for your literary dreams. 5 titles and growing.
Coming soon "From Gigolo to Jesus" A Journey from Misogyny to Monogamy
Bravin Publishing LLC
"Writing From The Heart The Way It Should Be"


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 "From Gigolo To Jesus"
 Biography - K.L. Belvin
K.L. Belvin is a prime example of what happens when you allow God to take control of your life. A father of six, Dean of students for the New York City Department of Education for over
twelve years and a Christian, K. L. is also the co-founder of Bravin Publishing LLC, a literary publishing company geared towards publishing authors who are presenting minorities as role models for today's youth specifically, the African-American communities. In June 2008, K. L. released his first manuscript called "A Man in Transition," a book of poems, stories and personal observations. With the success of the first book K. L. decided it was time to expand his potential.
In February of 2010, K. L. and his wife, Ms. New York Plus America 2010 who also serves as the creative director of their vision, Tiffany Braxton Belvin, created their own boutique publishing company called, Bravin Publishing LLC. In April 2010, Bravin Publishing released their second published book for author, Jovan Roseboro titled, "The Only One That Can Stop Me Is Me." Bravin Publishing released their first Spanish manuscript "Restaurando El Matrimonio Y La Familia" by Rev. Victor M. Zesati in September 2010. The Forgotten Legacy, by Willie E. Copper a historical account of the men and women who fought and were forgotten during the Civil War. released April 2011, Impressions of a Poet, by Empress Poetry, a poetic collection of inspirational poetry. released May 2011
K. L. has completed his second book "From Gigolo to Jesus," released in February 2011 through Bravin Publishing. The book discusses his journey from being a whore to a man of God. He discusses how gaining access to pornography at a young age and having no male role models led him to a life of inward and outward destruction which included being a part of over twenty-five miscarriages and abortions combined, having six children with five different women, being married and cheating, divorced, all while being lead to hearing the Lord's voice, changing his life, getting married to a woman he cheated on three times while they were dating, reconnecting with all his children, even one he found out about twenty six years later, and reconnecting with his father after thirty nine years, whom he had never met. The book focuses on where he was to how he became as a mentor, author, educator and now most importantly, a man of God.
K. L. has published credits in poetry, fictional and non-fictional stories. Over the years K. L. changed his focus of writing from erotic based content to romance, spiritual inspirations and social promotion due to personal religious choices. It is his hope to offer the world-focused insight of a man who has completely changed his life from one of misogyny to helping and supporting others. His writing proves his growth as a man, educator and husband who now, attempts to offer counsel, entertainment and guidance to all he meets. He has been fortunate enough to have performed and/or appeared on various internet radio programs like The Jay Everday Radio Show, Blog talk Radio's Black Butterfly, Urban Literary Review, Black Authors Network, and De'Hitmen Present the Assassins Lounge and as a co-host, performed spoken word at New York's Bowery Poetry Club, as part of the Urban Erotika showcase and various other locations. K. L. posses an A.A.S. in business from Kingsborough Community College; City University of New York, a B.S. in Education from York College; City University of New York and hold a Master's Degree in Education, specializing in Curriculum Writing, Assessments and Teaching from Walden University. K. L. anticipates beginning his Ph.D. studies in the near future and credits his enormous success to God and his wife who also serves as his best friend.
Currently, K.L. is a contributing writer for Everyday the Magazine and Divine Inspirations Magazine. He is also a weekly co-host for Three Ingredients, One Foundation, a radio show that airs every Friday night from 7 PM - 10 PM on Everyday Radio.
K. L. Belvin Bravin Publishing LLC
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