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Thursday, July 7, 2011


Empress asked why my pen doesn't write more. Well in looking at all of your work and figuring how we can lay this book right I have begun to write here and there.. Here is something I wrote today.. God Bless guys,, Remember "Patience is the weapon they don't see but feel" K. L.


Where has the individuals gone who saw the world differently? How the hell did we lose the fight when so many use to line up in a belief of a common right? True radicals would never be swayed by the lure of World Star Hip Hop or MEDIA TAKE OUT. Our children's lives use to mean more three minutes of fame. We should be ashamed at the books we read. There was a time fingers in the dirt is how we passed the knowledge of written words. Back when we cherished reading more than life. Now the top book sellers speak on and benefit on speaking about lifestyle most don't want or many don't care to live over, yet we keep buying. Damn!

Who murdered the internal connection to the Huey Newton’s, Bobby Seal’s, Malcolm X's, Rose Parks’, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s, and so many well know but easily forgotten sprits.
It was Harriet Tubman who uttered "I Can't Die But Once" Doesn't your soul scream in digust or do you drown it out with music which doesn't represent anything positive. Yet we keep piling into concert after concert given “those who don’t look like us” reason to laugh at how we enslave ourselves with strong sexual lyrics laced with violent overtones at the very Queens we need to produce more Kings.

When did Radicals die or did they run away? The true radical understood we were at war. If we couldn't live like men or women then death would be better. Now our children dress like pimps and whores gyrating on each other like animals in heat. The role of the radical was to grant ownership back to lost Kings and Queens yet we fight to continue to be Surfs.
A true radical studied and understood the power of a college education. Here we stand as they march us off to war or jail smiling as we pass around the flyers for the next big BBQ, Ski Trip, or Crab Fest, with "BYOB” or “TOP SHELF” in extra large letters set in place to entice our attendance.

When was the funereal, was there a service for the late great super hero call the Radical? There was a time we stood for something. Even intertwined Malcolm X’s phrase "If You Don't Stand For Something You'll Fall For Anything” into our daily understanding. Now we sit around using the internet to show off Planking pictures because we want to one up the IGNORANT NEGRO PLANKING ON HIS ROOF just because. My heart cries because when I mentioned this to most, I am called a sell-out or too serious. We have allowed the term, No Snitching to hold more respect than "Black Power", “Unity” "Freedom" in our neighborhoods. When did rappers, entertainers and ball players start holding the ear of the people? Damn where are the radicals?

Our sons can now marry their brothers and our daughters and their sister then ask their male friend for sperm to start families. It’s all business as usual. Why did Black Churches get so quite the day the law was passed. It came and passed and it was Oh hum back to the business of saving souls. Did I miss something? The greatest radical ever seen was Jesus Christ yet the greatest disconnection comes from those who claim the love and follow him? Remember, when folks fought in attempts to prove He had "Skin of Bronze and hair like Wool? Are you kidding me? Hold that contradiction for moment.

As I close I wander how the evil ones in the world got to the mountain top before the rest of us. Did they look over and see King's dream only to slither down and whisper into the ears of the masses climbing, “Kill the Radicals” and all your dreams shall be fulfilled? As a people we have laid down for the count out, instead of continuing to fight and taking our chances.

I lay these flowers on the grave of the one known as the Radical, "May You Rest in Peace you are surly missed"

a poem by K. L. Belvin

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