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Saturday, September 3, 2011


*******DRUM ROLL*******

If you've listened to the multiple interviews we've done or read my memoir "From Gigolo to Jesus" you already know that Tiff and I strongly believe that anyone can have a great relationship once built on a solid foundation. To some folks we are an anomaly, but through our travels around the country and even amongst our own peers we have found couples who represent the love we talk about so much in our own relationship. We want to put a spotlight on those folks making love work.

For a number of years Tiffany and I have been told, "You two should have your own show." Whether it be television or radio people saw something that we hadn't quite seen for ourselves that they thought we needed to share with the world. So, it was something we considered, but didn't think we were quite ready to do, until now. Some ideas were tossed around and finaly we accepted.

Starting Friday September 16th from 7pm-10pm my lovely wife Tiffany and I will be hosting our very own radio show. "Black Love Radio" will be centered on relationship building and support, with tips on having a productive relationship. Being together for over 11 years, owners of our own business "Bravin Publishing" as well as holding professional careers we will bring our candidly unqiue points of view and experiences. We plan to feature inspirational couples as well as industry professionals, coupled with great music and thought provoking discussions.

Keep in mind the title "Black Love Radio" does not mean we are excluding any other groups of couples in love, but instead emphasizes the bond that we have as an African-American couple. Also, we realize the need to address issues within our culture in order to improve relationships. We would like to spotlight couples from all ethnicities that have braved the storms in order to be what they are today. So no matter who you are or where you're from, whether you're in a great, good, or not-so-good relationship we want you to tune in to "Black Love Radio."

We want to give a special acknowledgement to Jay Everyday for inviting us to take part in the Everyday Radio line up. His decision to choose us as hosts is a special salute to what Tiff and I are as a couple.

You can tune in every Friday on Everyday Radio as well as With a downloadable app for your cell phone .

You can tune in to Everyday radio 24 hours a day. Everyday Radio plays great music and each evening has a powerful line-up of interesting shows.

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