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Friday, November 11, 2011

Sometimes to regain motivation you have to look back and see where you were. My work with Mary B. Morrison

On February 14Th, 2008, Mary B. Morrison one the Queens of Erotica, heard me on a blog talk radio show, Ella Curry's Black Authors Network Literary Talk Show. That Valentines night I was simply talking about loving my wife and the negatives we have overcome to be happily married. Mind you, I hadn't published anything at that point and my book was not due out until late June of the same year.
After the show, Ms. Morrison contacted me, through Ella, and asked would I write my story and place it in her new back. The book was called "Who's Love You" I was so excited I wrote the 3000 words as requested.
This was my word from God I was on my way to being an pretty good author. You see my story with my wife had nothing to do with erotica yet Ms. Morrison still wanted my words in her book. When a New York Times, Essence best seller author, who makes her living off of her writing skills, hears your story and reacts, you have something going on.
So on pages 246-249 of the hard cover version of Ms. Morrison's "Who's Loving You" you find my words nestled in amongst the erotica.
A faith based couple doing simply what we do, Loving God and loving each other. The title of my piece was
"Who's Loving Me" by K. L. Belvin

Thank you Ella Curry.

Here is what Ms. Morrison had to say about me.

“It was a pleasure to work with KL on my latest literary project. In the short time that I have known him I have been impressed with his sincerity, professionalism, and dedication to the literary world. KL is a promising author, poet and educator. I predict very big things in his near future. Keep an eye on him.

Mary B. Morrison

New York Times & Essence Magazine best-seller current title "Who's Loving You" available in book stores now.

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