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Monday, July 16, 2012

Time to get back to blogging. Considering my future...

Hey Family. I know I have been neglected my blog, buts its been a rough few months.

After leaving teaching back in Dec., I returned to work after being out of work for 3 months. In March, I became a professional Life Coach for a private agency in New York City. It turned out to be a great move. For the first time in 15 years I was able to do something other than teaching. My new position had me working with young men ages 24-39.

As a Life Coach I worked with the fellas with their child support situations as well as dealing with the mental aspects of having supervised visit with their children, once a week, set up through the court system of NYC. Working with these men, I began to understand how painful relationships can be when there is no love or respect between the mother and father. It made me wonder how does things get to such a painful state? When working with others you have no choice but to reflect on your own life when relationship situations are similar to the people you work with.

In writing From Gigolo to Jesus I put a great portion of my life on display. I am paying the price for the foolish behavior in my youth. Having 6 children with 5 different women. I realized I was no different then the men I was working with, regardless of my educational status or work position. The only different with me is I didn't allow my situations with each mother get to the point we needed to fight out everything with our children through the courts.

Through each young man I worked with, I felt I was giving back because of my personal heritage. I saw a positive reaction with each father who came to trust who I was and the role I played in their cases.  My last day with the agency was June 30th. I have to admit it was a sad day but it was a great 3 month experience for me. The Lord spoke to me loudly, telling me I have a future helping others. Having taught children ages 11 - 18 for over 15 years working with grown men was different and refreshing. I have since returned to teaching. I am not sure for how long I will continue this path. I am looking into working with young adults in the future if the Lord will allow. I want to do so much more that I am considering a second master's degree in Social work. The director of the agency I worked with said she would hire me if I get a degree in Social work. I think I may take her up on that offer once I return and finish school.

My prayers go out to the young men I worked with. Many didn't want to see me leave. They are in the hands of the Lord now. I am sure things will get better for most of them.


Powerhouse Media Group said...

I love your transparency big bro and your willingness to give back to these young men. You jave a great calling in healing, restoration and forgiveness. I salute and support your work.

Powerhouse Media Group said...

Hey big bro! I love yoir transparency and willingness to share with thse young men and be a guiding light for them. You have an amazing calling in the work of healing, restoration, forgiveness and making wrongs right. I salute and support you. I have someone I'd like you to connect with. He is a powerful man of God as well.

K. L. Belvin said...

Sorry Sis, I look forward to networking. is my Email God Bless

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