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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Enough is Enough with Today's music. SMH

I am really fearful of today's music..

Things in this country are just sad. A man can own a restaurant chain and offer his opinion on the idea, marriage should be between one man and one woman and gets crucified, yet young men of color can make a song defiling the church, women and themselves and it becomes the #1 requested song in the NYC Tri-State area and everyone is OK with that. 
So when we defend our faith we're called zealots,
 holy rollers, bible thumpers, yet folks will support those who make light of our faith, while uplifting the outright love of evil. Try listening to the lyrics of today's hot song "Amen" and wonder what would happen if a anti-Jewish or anti-gay reference was made instead of a anti-Christian one.
Pray to who you want to, love who you want, and do what you want too with anyone you want to, but please don't tell me I am a bible thumper when folks are getting rich destroying children's minds and values. At least in the book we believe in there are a scripture about leading children to sin. Even if you think its man or God written its still in there to protect children. Matthew 18:6,,,, Parents key word "believe in" Check it out

***************CONTAINS EXPLICIT LYRICS************

This is what my wife Tiffany had to say about it on her authors page on FaceBook..

I don't listen to the radio so I'm not always updated on the latest song that's considered "HOT". I was told this video is number one in New York. It enrages me to think that there are people that think this is entertainment. It enrages me that our youth are absorbing this trash. It enrages me that parents are not taking control. There are things that are just completely UNACCEPTABLE! This is one of them. Big Dog and I just
had a discussion about parents need to put parental controls on electronic devices in their home. He said, but you can't control when kids go to someone else's house. I agreed with him, but my question is when did we stop being a parent in our own homes because someone else is not a parent in their's? You are supposed to control what happens in your home. Here's your warning: This song has language that may be deemed offensive. It has explicit lyrics, Blasphemy, Misogyny, devil exaltation, and just utter DISGUST!!!! No more excuses. No more excuses. Please don't post here if you are not as enraged as I am about this song. You may get your feelings hurt. I'm not just being transparent today I'm being raw. Where my real parents at? (yes, I intentionally left out the linking verb and ended the sentence with a preposition)

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