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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Some of my videos, Have to continue to help others.

This was recorded two years ago,, Since then the brother is now home and will be a part of Word Play 2, his contract was sent this week. Keeping my promise I would be there when he was released. We have to be men and women of our word. God Demands. it. Jovan Roseboro and I talk about things like this all the time, we have to be men of substance for those who are in lessor positions. It turns out, all the brothers and sisters who he knew from the internet, never wrote or tried to contact him besides myself. I was deeply touched to know my letters and books helped him make it through. He reconnected with God and has signed a deal to finish creating his music. He has decided to offer his talents to Bravin Publishing in any way we need. Thank You God for using me. Our brothers and sisters incarcerated have to know the world is still here for them

We have to find a way to create more "Win Win" deals. These times demand it.
Yes, I know I have to get more sleep,, But work has to get done.. God Bless

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