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Friday, September 21, 2012

What Is Meant For Negative Can Be Turned To Good.

A few weeks back, I was sitting in the car listen to one of the radio stations here in NY. I am not a big fan of urban radio. I feel today's music has lost so much in terms of content. That day, they were doing a top ten count down. Since I had listened from song #4 I figured I wait to hear what the # 1 song was. I was utterly shocked. The #1 song in the tri-state area was a song called "Amen" by a artist named Meek Mil featuring Drake. Two artist I don't listen to, but I know who they are having 4 sons and teaching in New York public schools for over 10 years.

When the song started until the last word, I was disgusted. I refuse to post it here for you to listen to. I would say check out the lyrics to see how anti-Christian they are. As a man of Faith my mouth hung open as I listened to some of the worst lyrics I have ever heard insulting the church. I understand young men today need to make a living but where is the line in the sand.

Well, I went to my personal social outlets and denounced the song for all it was worth. I just feel there has to be point when folks who are of the Christian Faith have to fire back but in a creative way. Brother Damion did exactly that. This is his creation. I think its pretty good.. Damion is also featured in the upcoming poetic anthology from my company Bravin Publishing LLC The title is called "Word Play 2, The Foundation of Soul" He happens to be 1/12 of an incredible line-up of poets. Keep your eyes open on this talented man of faith.

After you listen if you want to support Brother Damion's effort you can find his information under the player;

"Exclusive KL Belvin inspired remix:
 AMEN track by: FaithWalker Enterpraisement feat. New Life Young Man"
Click the song link to play the song.

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