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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Regular Writing Schedual

When you wear as many hats as I do there is a fine line drawn if you want to make things work. Often,  many will talk about how much they want certain things in their lives. However they fail to sit down and consider what its going to take to get the various task completed. I am no different.

To wear the hats of an author, poet, educator, business owner and speaker there is a level of planning which has to go into each situation. Being one man,  panning helps bring normalcy to a crazy daily schedule. My days start each morning with having to get up at 5:45am daily to get the bus, train, and next bus/cab depending on the time I get to Brooklyn from Queens by 8am each morning.  Then its on to my position as "Dean of Students" from 8am - 3pm. At the end of the day its back on the bus, to the train, to a a 6 block walk and on another bus to reach home. Once I am back in the house I have to decided what my evening is going to be like and which hat I am going to wear.

This is why a writing schedule is needed. If you haven't figured it out by now you see I am in was in need a tool to help me complete the tasks I set for myself. I could easily say the hell with it and do nothing but then I wouldn't gain anything and work goes uncompleted.

I looked over a few writing template and settled on a Microsoft Word template with my own variations. I also decided to create a web chart on my tablet to lay out the various direction I need to be consider as part of my plan. I used a free app called Smart Diagram. It is a great program for creating webs and various charts and figures. You can also move the figures around on the screen which helps you create the layout. I realized there is so much I can do to make for a positive outcome with my writing.

My current writing schedule is set on a daily basis to be recorded weekly. I am going to get in 2 hours of writing each day. I am sure this will help me get to the professional level I am trying to get to in my writing life. This blog is part of the writing plan. I play on updating this blog once a week. This way under my current writing plan, I will have 48 entries a year here on my blog. This set schedule will allow me to offer the world my writing and allow for completed projects.

I am happy with my choice to set a plan into motion. If not I would never get anything done. So when you see me in public, don't hesitate to ask did you do your wiring ting for the day. I live every bit of help I can get. Now let me get off this PC and get to wring.

God Bless.

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