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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bravin Publishing New Poetic Anthology

With all which has been going on with me, I can't forget we have Bravin Publishing business to complete. Owning our own company has allow Tiff and I to meet incredible people. We don't take that for granted. We have learned from each mistake and each achievement. With the birth of the "Word Play" series we wanted to celebrate our connection to our first published title which was poetry. "A Man In Transition" my first book and was the first book created by tiff and me. Since that time we have created two other poetry books "Impressions of Poetry" by Empress Poetry and the 1st of the Word Play poetry series. "Word Play, Words are our Canvas" featuring 11 outstanding poets which was released 2012. The design was set for 12 but we went with 11. We were tempted to close shop on the series but like anything in this world, you have to grow from your mistakes and learn from the positives. In my opinion Word Play #1 is great read. So after thinking about it we decided to continue the series and launch the the second book as originally planned. A 2013, February release, just in time for the books to make their way into the world and be on the market for poetry month which comes up in April. We created a new marketing strategy for the poetry book and went with a more diverse line-up of poets. The second book in the Word Play series is going to be powerful. "Word Play 2, The Foundation of Soul" will have a line-up of 13 because we said we wanted 24 poets in place after book two. All the poets are new to the series. The "Word Play 2" poets are all professionals, having published works or stage credits to their resumes. Also multiple states are represented with this line-up. Alabama, New Jersey (2), Virginia (2), Georgia (2), Minnesota, Massachusetts, New York, Texas, North and South Carolina. 10 states, 13 poets will show the world their gifts. The Word Play series will feature something different in each book. With this particular book the word "Soul" is the feature. There are 10 definitions in the dictionary of the word soul. Each of the poets will have 12 different subjects to focus their talents on with each being connected to the world soul. Each subject will be the chapters in the book. As a reader you will get to read 13 different poetic thoughts on the various subjects in this book. In all Word Play books complete bios of each poet will be placed in the book so if any of the poets touch your spirit you'll be able to find them and support their other works. Another staple to the Word Play series is each book will have each poets name on the front cover. This is our way of making sure each poet is respected and highlighted right up front. This also allows the poet to make the book theirs when selling or performing in their area of the country. Poetry is a well known and loved genre and one which has been very profitable for centuries. Bravin Publishing is striving hard to take its place in the world as a provider of great poetic products. We have plans for so many other Word Play books but this is a process. We would love to get to where we are creating 2 poetry books a year featuring poets from all types of backgrounds from all over the world. Please mark your calendar for February 2013 to support this anthology. Remember the stronger the book does at the opening the more opportunities we'll have to do the same the following year. Coming soon "Word Play 2, The Foundation of Soul" Featuring the Queens: Nanette Buchanan, Elissa Gabrielle, Crystal Senter-Brown, Susette Sue Chainz Williams, Ayani Meli, and Kizzi Hogan. The Kings: Damion "FaithWalker" Brown, Chamsil Phillips, Marc Lacy, Ronald Zion Roseboro, Jeffrey Perry, Terrell K. Mercer and Leroy the real poet At heart produced by Bravin Publishing LLC Pick up the first addition of "Word Play, Words are our Canvas" to see the original book in the poetic series. Use discount code "WORDPLAY" for a 15% discount on your Word Play purchase or any other book from Bravin Publishing.
"Writing From The Heart, The Way It Should Be"

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