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Friday, October 26, 2012

I'll stand by my wife and we ask you do the same for us.

Tonight I wiped tears from the eyes of my wife, Tiffany. I reminded her we are here to support each other and grow as close to God as possible. No one said our walk as husband & wife and business owners would be easy, but when we said "I do" it meant "no matter what for the rest of our lives." Doing business as a married couple and using our marriage as a form of ministry places great pressure on both of us. However, as Tiff is learning people are going to attack what we do and look to place obstacles in our way. When anyone commits to living by faith the devil doesn't care how he tears at your foundation as long as he can weaken it. As long as we face our problems and our attackers together we'll be fine. So to everyone who has stood in support of Tiff and me, Our Marriage and Bravin Publishing we thank you. We are going to need all of you to continue to help us push forward. We ask that you tell others about our websites,, Author Tiffany Braxton Belvin,Making Marriage Cool Again,Bravin Publishing We ask that you tell folks about all of our books our personal favorite "From Gigolo to Jesus". We ask that you purchase our books and send others to us when they want to create their own. Have your church or organization contact us to come and speak or give us the information and contact person and we'll reach out to them. Finally, we ask that you Pray, Pray, and Pray some more for us. These are difficult times but we have a positive message we are fighting to remain out in the World. At times its like trying to keep a fire lit with the rain is coming down. We are pushing forward and raising the bar in our home, our business and our lives to do more for the Kingdom of God. Our protection is the Love we have for each other and our Faith in Jesus. Stand with us. Lord knows we have enough against us. God Bless.

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