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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Results of Oppression,

Just something which was on my mind today. People will attach color to many things simply because its easy, but there are those strings of truth which gave birth to every stereotype. Oppression can damage anyone and when a minority is freed from the oppression there is still a time needed to heal mental. Provided the mental state of the oppressed is open to heal. Often sub-cultures spring up who make the oppression something of value and others follow this lead or pathway. Folks of color, we, have allow ourselves to continue to oppress our own by wanted to do business and then not doing positive or upfront business. We continue to oppress our brothers and sisters simply by not understanding sound business practices. Which in turn create distrust from your own. Its sad. Many have went as far as saying I would rather do business with those who are different than myself because they do better business. This form of self-hatred doesn't allow for healing, growth or unity. If he can be trusted to be honest or upfront with each other there will never be trust from anyone outside of the circles of folks oppressed. A house (A people) divided can not stand on its own. Often I wonder if people who look like me will understand we need everyone at the table. But we can't get to the table if we can't trust each other walking through the door. K. L. Belvin

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