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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bravin Publishing presents book #2 of our Word Play poetry series. "Word Play 2, The Foundation Of Soul" is coming soon.

 The second book in the Word Play series is going to be powerful. "Word Play 2, The Foundation of Soul" will have a line-up of 13 poets. All the poets are new to the series.
The "Word Play 2" poets are all professionals, having published works and stage credits to their resumes. With this book 10 states are represented with this line-up. Alabama, New Jersey (2), Virginia (2), Georgia (2), Minnesota, Massachusetts, New York, Texas, North and South Carolina.
The Word Play series will feature something different in each book. With this particular book the definition of the word "Soul" is the feature to this book. Each of the poets will have 12 different subjects to focus their talents on with each subject being connected to the world soul. The subjects will be the chapters in the book. As a reader you will get to read 13 different poetic viewpoints on the various subjects in this book.
In all Word Play books complete bios of each poet will be placed in the book so if any of the poets touch your spirit you'll be able to follow them and support their works. Another staple to the Word Play series is each book will have each of poets names on the front cover. This is our way of making sure each poet is respected and highlighted right up front. This also allows the poet to make the book their own when selling or performing in their area of the country.
Poetry is a well known and loved genre and one which has been very profitable for centuries. Bravin Publishing is striving hard to take its place in the world as a provider of great poetic products.
We have plans for so many other Word Play books but this is a process. We would love to get to where we are creating 2 poetry books a year featuring poetes from all types of backgrounds from all over the world. Please mark your calendar for February 2013 to support this anthology. Remember the stronger the book does at the opening the more opportunities we'll have to do the same the following year.
Coming Febuary 2013, "Word Play 2, The Foundation of Soul" Featuring the Queens: Nanette Buchanan, Elissa Gabrielle, Crystal Senter-Brown, Susette Sue Chainz Williams, Ayani Meli, and Kizzi Hogan. The Kings: Damion "FaithWalker" Brown, Chamsil Phillips, Marc Lacy, Ronald Zion Roseboro, Jeffrey Perry, Terrell K. Mercer and Leroy the real poet At heart
produced by Bravin Publishing LLC

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