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Monday, November 5, 2012

From Drug Dealer to Advocate for the Homeless.

In 2009 this young man Jovan Roseboro reached out to me to listen to his audio book because he heard me being interviewed on a Blog-talk radio show Black Author's Network with my friend Ella Curry. He said he liked my style and the way I handled myself on air. Our friendship was born. Over that year we got to know each other better and he explained how he signed a horrible book deal with a woman who basically did nothing for him or his audio book. This set into motion a idea the Lord had already placed into my heart which was create something for authors so they don't have to worry about being taken advantage of. Hence, in 2010 Bravin Publishing was born and our first author signed was this outstanding young man, Jovan. With him having made the trek of 400 miles from NC to DC, to make a statement on the selfishness of others, Jovan was fueled by seeing President Obama's victory in the 2008 election. Jovan set out to make his on history. Well this ex-drug dealer turn social activist did exactly that. His movement "The Change Is Possible Movement" feeds, clothes and defends the homeless from various locations around the country. This powerful young man takes a portion of each book he sells and donates to his own movement. 

As a mentor I have the pleasure of conversing with Jovan on a regular basis and none of our conversations are for the faint of heart since we are both type A personalities. On the heels of another election and the country about to change, remember there is motivation in everything that happens around you. This young man, dropped out of HS, joined the armed services, jumped out of airplanes, sold drugs, wrote a book, walked 400 miles, slept outside, entered the White house, created a not for profit and does for others less fortunate all on his own. If this isn't the type of young man you want to support than why bother saying "Yes We Can or Change is Possible" if you're really not going to do anything. Brother Jovan heard the President's message 4 years ago and made changes. He built on those words and changed his life. 

If you want to order a copy of his book for yourself or young adult go and order "The Only That Can Stop Me Is Me" use the discount code "clubs" to get a 15% discount. Also stop by his Not for Profit page on FB @ Make sure you let Jovan know K. L. said, the "Walking Dead" is not the best show on earth. God Bless. BTW, he is an excellent motivational speaker and a perfect role model for young adults. Let me know if you would like to come and speak.

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