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Saturday, November 10, 2012

You may be ask by the Lord don't be afraid

Just a little something which came from my mediation on things I am dealing with personally. 

There are times when standing for the Lord, you'll be ask to do things which don't seem possible. Your first reaction is doubt or denial. This is common for humans. The feelings you'll have will line up with those of The KΓΌbler-Ross model, commonly known as The Five Stages of Grief, However, the Lord wouldn't ask you to do anything He hasn't geared you for. My reason for posting this is to remind you Grief / Fear doesn't line up with Faith. 

The Five Stages of Grief:
1 Denial, is in line with Grief/Fear You quickly tell yourself "it can't be done, it can't be me the Lord is speaking to. 
2. Anger, lines up with rejection of the Lord's request. Becoming mad at what you have do or give up to complete the task the Lord has requested. 
3. Bargaining, lines up with bartering with the Lord. You have nothing to offer God when He ask you to do something, so don't bother. 
4. Depression, lines up with the Evil within every person. its your final way of not wanting to let go. Its the devil in all of us trying hard to hold on and trying to get you to admit there is no way this can be done by you. Listen to you spirit not the voice of doubt. 
5. Acceptance, it lines up with Faith. Its at this point when you give in and say "Lord I am ready to do, regardless of the outcome".

So brothers and sisters understand when the Lord ask you to do something push forward to do what you can to make it through. You see you are not alone and their is name for the stages you are going through. However, I am here to show you can make it even when you don't think so. Trust the fact the Lord didn't choose you for no reason or by accident.

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