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Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Poetic Pen Is Warming Up.

Now that I have some time away for teaching. There is some heavy duty cleaning and rearranging to do. My personal and business life needs an overhaul and its time to scale back..

But one thing has started to happen lately,, Reading all the poetic work which is going into our new poetry book "Word Play 2, The Foundation of Soul" from Bravin Publishing
13 poets, 12 subjects, from 10 states. All in 1 book. Drops Feb. 2013

My poetic pen has got me thinking its time to do some more poetic writing. The thing which got me started in this literary arena. (A Man in Transition by K. L. 2008, Bravin Publishing)

Here is something I started but have named or finished. 

My pen is as lethal as a sword, sharp to the touch. 
In my hands its a weapon of protection or destruction. When I unsheathe this pen, paper and PC shutter at the words from each stroke. 
Be careful, you could be the recipient of pleasurable vibes or the enemy who will surly die. 
I am an author, poet and writer play with me and to you I'll be the vanquisher, victor or destroyer. 
My pen is as lethal as a sword, sharp to the touch.

We all have to find what makes up happy. Wearing multiple hats and have so much to do I tend to forget the things I enjoy. Its time to reclaim more what I love to do.. 

God Bless. 

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