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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Mayans were right...

I wrote this as a status on FB but I wasn't joking. 

"The Mayans were right,, the end of the word did happen last night,,, It was the beginning of the end of this sinful world the devil though was his... Its Kingdom time! Cause as I see it the only person who's been right with predicting anything was Jesus himself. Now you can argue with me if you want... But I would say slip on your Nikes, sip the cool-aid and lay still for the Spaceship to come take you to Heaven. I got work to do and it starts with me. Join me if you're brave enough. "Taking back what was stolen"

For Christians there has to be a sense of pride when it comes to these predictions of the end of the world. As believers in Jesus, and the Holy Father its written 

"No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. New International Version 

So if any of us allowed ourselves to caught up into that foolishness its time to get back to bible study.. But now to what I wrote earlier. There is some truth to what the Mayans wrote. I do believe these are the end of days but not to the days of man but to the days of the devil. Things have gotten to a point in the world where evil seems to have a hold on everything. From TV, Music, Our Homes, Schools everywhere evil seems to run unchecked.  Something has to be done. 

So I thought about it, if the devil knows he is going to be defeated wouldn't he do everything to keep this knowledge from those who would assist the conqueror. He also would want to take as many with him as he could because this is his purpose to begin with. So back to us of the Kingdom of God, what are we doing to change this world? What are we doing to hold on to the little bit of righteousness left? This should be the questions which are asked in church daily, not weekly. Everyday the church should be searching for ways to link up with other believers to form a sort of underground railroad for believers in this evil world. 

I know what I writing may seem out there. However if your a Christian you understand all to well a War is coming. A spiritual war for the souls of those left here after the rapture. Now we can all debate if there is a God, the value of formal religion and all the other senseless debates which go on daily. One thing which won't change is there is a an increase of evil happening each day, just look at  the Sandy Hook Elementary School and say no more. We have to figure where this increase of evil is coming from and prepare to do battle. Because I don't know about you, if I had an established beach head in a land I'm claiming, you're not moving me out without a fight. So if you think the operators of evil are going to go quietly you might as well give your life away. 

The battle between God and Evil has cut across all lands, all time and has been discussed in all cultures. There is something to this. You don't have to believe me just look around you, listen to the radio to what's popular, watch the TV to see how even our video games  promote death and destruction. You can sit on the sideline if you want too. They are normally the first persons killed in any type of military strike for the resources they have or enslave to do the building and digging. How you want to go out Slaves or Warriors.. Make a choice. Now I have no predictions to when this war is going to happen. But the sides are forming pick yours wisely. 

God Bless Guys. 

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