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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I was sitting here reading a recent book review of "From Gigolo to Jesus" from sister Ayani_Meli I loved her review but she caused me to take a double take. Now, I have had other reviews which were positive. However there was something she highlighted which cause me to ask myself, "Did I write that? WOW."

This is what Ayani wrote;

I understood and appreciate everything I've read. However, this one quote spoke more to me as a parent.

As parents we can’t allow anyone to slide past our defenses. Don’t allow anyone to get close enough to your son or daughter until you have armed them with the positives and negatives of their actions in relationships. Arm them with more self-worth than they can hold.Help them to understand that they are the anchor to their soul; that God will be there to protect them even if they have to stand all by themselves. Use every ounce of the nurturing powers that God has given you. Form a hedge around your children that you are there even when they don’t see you.

I will no doubt reread parts of this book again…Thank you Bro. K.L. for such an enlightening and transparent look at your life and journey.

I read my words and somehow forgot I wrote them. After some time now I still get bashful and full of emotions when considering the thought I wrote my book "From Gigolo to Jesus" and it's is pretty good. I just wanted to offer the world my story and pray it helped someone.

I am happy with the feedback to date. I am honored and proud so many people have enjoy my work. This is why I write. If I can help someone with what I put down on paper, I feel I have served my Lord the correct way.

Thank You Ayani. You can read the who interview on my page.

God Bless.

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