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Monday, February 18, 2013

March 5, 2103 Bravin Publishing presents, "Word Play 2 The Foundation of Soul"

My wife and I are excited with the idea of releasing our second book in our "Word Play" poetic series. We decided each year we were going to use out publishing company to offer the world a new poetry book. A poetic anthology series. The first book was a great read and folks took to it well.

So I am proud to announce our second book in the series is now ready and will be avvlaible March 5, 2013. This is book is going to be exciting. 13 poets, 12 subjects, from 10 states.
The book covers the various meaning to the word "Soul" 

Here is the promo of the book. You can pre-order today 
Enjoy. Please make sure you pick up a copy and tell a friend to do the same. 
The genre of poetry needs the word of mouth to reach the masses. 

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