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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Our latest book in our Poetry series. "Word Play 2, The Foundation of Soul" is ready.

With so much place in the way "Word Play 2, The Foundation of Soul" has been birthed. I am honored to have this book ready for the world. You are going to love every word in this outstanding piece of art.

Word Play 2 features 13 poets who were charged to write 12 original poems which reflect the "Soul" The poets hail from 10 different states and their talents will move your spirits. Faith Walker's words will move you as you read each word. Order your copy today from this is not your ordinary poetry book. It will move you want more from each poet you read. 

WORD PLAY 2, THE FOUNDATION OF SOUL to order your copy

When I met brother "Faith Walker" I said to this man I am going to make big moves. We lost contact for a few years. When Faith and I reconnected I know I wanted him and his words in a future project. 

Check out the great recent interview given by Faith Walker and Brother Leroy, The Poet at Heart. Both brothers can be found in this great book. I am honored by their words. 

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Kym Moore said...

We are pleased to feature "Word Play 2, The Foundation of Soul" to celebrate National Poetry Month." Congratulations K.L. and to all of the contributing authors!

Here is the link to that feature: Blessings and Success!

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