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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Don't Make It Racial. People aren't going to like your writing.

Don't make your business or anything else racial unless that is what the person has placed on the table before you. In over 5 years of professional writing I've received a few ultra negative reviews on my books "A Man In Transition" and "From Gigolo to Jesus". There were two which stood out to this day; both readers were white and had harsh criticisms of my work. There were a hint of racial bias in their review but it was OK.  It would have been easy to say "both of these white people don't get my writing". I refused and continue to refuse to bite at that bait.

As a Christian who writes I knew coming in this game, it would cause people to react in ways which appear negative towards me or my work. I am OK with that. Its their choice to write as it is my choice not to get angry. I can't lie any negative review makes you feel something but it comes with the professional choice to be a professional whose work is on public display.

Since the creation of my first book "A Man in Transition" (poetry), then the second "From Gigolo to Jesus" (memoir) along with the other writing projects I've had in between, many in the industry have congratulated me on my work and talents. When you're a writer you have to have thick skin but you must keep an open mind and heart. You can not please every reader who takes the time to read your work. However you have to appreciate their responses good and bad. The idea they took the time to read your work says something about who you are as a writer.

The true blessing is the readers who have wrote or spoke to me directly, telling how they enjoyed my work. I've had Jews, Atheist and Muslim read my books inspired by what Jesus has done in my life. They were able to see where my point of focus was with each word written. I write to express personal change and to reflect the walk I have place myself on. I write to help and enlighten others with my talents. I knew money was not going to flow unabated when I decided to place Jesus's name on the things I create. I've never proselytize to others asking them to be what I am or believe what I believe. That is a personal choice, as my transformation was. My faith is the anchor to my work and person. I wouldn't make demands on others or give in to them to simply sell books or to be accepted.
This is why I don't give in to petty racial feelings. I understand some are going to dislike my work and there is a level of  excitement from their honesty. Even in the most negative review there is a moniker of insight which can help you grow as an professional author and poet. I know I have grown over the years and continue to work on sharpening my pen and talent.

If you have read my poems or my work please share your thoughts. God Bless. 

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