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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Since Becoming an Author

A few things were on my mind this morning. Since becoming an author there have been a few things which stand out. I tweeted about some them today. 
They are not in any particular order but I am sure I'll add to this list as more come to mind.

1. Since becoming an author I've learned there is always another level you can take your writing. You have to know your strengths and weaknesses and act accordingly.
2. Being an author doesn't make you a business person. It means you have a product or skill which can be sold. Business requires learning.
3. The world loves a great story. If you tell yours in a unique way people will love it and pay for it.
4. Fellow authors can be as treacherous or as giving as anyone else in the world who's trying to make a dollar from their products, it's on you to know who you are and who you align yourself with.
5. Knowledge is not only Power, its Protection from those situation which could derail your writing career for years.
6. Publishing has many forms know the one which works for you before seeking such. Also now what you can and can not afford. 
7. A book cover is not  a CD cover, and readers can't be fooled, make cover mean something to the story and your promotional material. Match something from the cover, the picture, the title or the colors to the promotional material. Unification creates identification to your product.
8. Don't be scared to Network in and outside the literary arena, seek out folks who have skills, services or goods you need, there are so many other professionals out here who would love to do business with you.
9. Have a website! It's your virtual home and store. Your books should be ready and available. Spend time and money on a real e-commerce ready site. Don't be cheap people will see the difference. It's a needed promotional tool.
10. Don't be a one trick pony, your writing should lead to other forms of income and promotion. From speaking, teaching, blogging and workshops, don't lean on just your book. 
11. Your editor should provide feedback positive and negative when rearranging and cleaning up your work. You should grow from their interactions with your writing. If not, you are going to be a slave to their skills and waste money on things you can fix. Editing is needed in this game but you have to know what you're doing wrong and correct it. This saves you time and money as you grown.
12.  Don't forget, God is the Reason, the Answer, the Provider and the Protector so stay grounded. You decide the literary game is the one you want in on so now you have to trust the Lord all the way. He knows who you really are and He will see you through.
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