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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Check out my latest interview with Libby Baker Sweiger for Amused Now.

You have to love social networking. I was lucky enough to meet Libby Baker Sweiger from networking on Twitter. @libbytalks on Twitter. Her personality and net presence was so positive. I was naturally drawn to work with her. She explained she is working with Cynthia Kahn @cynthiakahn / Amused Now and would love to interview me for the site. As an entrepreneur myself, I know what it's like trying to get the word out about your company. So how could I say no. I am glad I didn't.

Here is the link to the blog and the video is below.. Enjoy

So make sure you check out the interview and stop by Twitter to follow both of these wonderful women. Young businesses need support each other. As you know Bravin Publishing @BravinBooks on Twitter and Bravin Publishing on Facebook, fights to stay above water. We are working on our 14th book with a few more on deck. Remember to tell a friend about Amused Now and Bravin Publishishing. We need the support of the people to make a difference. God Bless. 


"Writing From The Hear, The Way It Should Be"

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