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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Christian Fiction anthology "SOLDIERS OF THE CROSS" by Maurice M Gray Jr, Isaiah David Paul, and K. L. Belvin

Make sure you put this down as a must get this Fall. 
Three Talented Authors, coming together to show the various roads to the cross. A Christian Fiction anthology. 

Maurice M Gray Jr, Isaiah David Paul, and myself. 

 Cover design by Allyson M. Deese

Check out the Authors who will be doing it for the Lord.. A look at the stories from the book. Please support this project.

--"Follow the Leader" by Isaiah David Paul Taken from SOLDIERS OF THE CROSS

"The songwriter wrote 'What a Friend We Have in Jesus' and what I don't understand is why you are seeking friendship with those who don't love your or love His Word." Minister Stan Hammer was trying to explain to the young man who was crying in the backseat of his car. The light was taking forever on Tunnel Road for him to make the right left turn onto Charlotte Avenue so that he could make it to the large church on the hill. Hammer looked back at the young boy. The traces of mascara running down his light, marshmallow-shaped cheeks was more fitting the tears of a clown than the member of the choir at his sister church. Judgment passed over Minister Hammer as he impatiently waited for the light to change and continued, "you loved that man more than he loved you. Gave him more of you than he deserved. I get that--I understand that. But what I don't understand is how YOU seek love from a MAN who doesn't love you--or God. Love me, like me--that's all I've heard you talk about but what about the love you have from God? You, young man, have something worth holding on to."

Minister Hammer looked at the light and it was still red. He looked at the cars on Charlotte go into the Biltmore area and turn right on Tunnel to head into downtown Asheville.

"You remind me of those people who always want to be LIKED on Facebook, FOLLOWED on Twitter. He said 'what profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul. I don't know about you son, but I'm not ready to let mine go yet."

--"From Called Outside The Lines" by Maurice M. Gray, Jr. Taken from SOLDIERS OF THE CROSS

For those who have read my work before, this story features Pastor Travis Nathan, who pastors Calvary United African Christian Church. He is the pastor of the church that most of my characters in my previous works attend.

Pastor Nathan forced his face to remain neutral despite the spectacle before him. Just as she had every week for the past month when she approached the altar, Sis. Sorbet Jensen made eye contact, smiled sweetly and then knelt, this time to receive Communion. Her blouse was cut so low that no secret was hid, and the smirk on her face told Pastor Nathan she knew exactly what she was doing.
I’ve had enough of this, he thought. When she pulled this mess last Communion Sunday, I wrote it off as an unfortunate wardrobe choice, but now she’s gone too far. I’m sick of learning Victoria’s Secret every week.
He caught Beatrice Sutter’s eye and nodded towards Sis. Jensen. In sync with her pastor’s needs, the lead stewardess stepped unobtrusively behind Sis. Jensen, pulled an oversized lap cloth from the sash of her white uniform and in one swift motion, tied it around Sis. Jensen’s neck like a baby’s bib.
As fellow supplicants nearly choked on suppressed laughter, Pastor Nathan availed himself of the now breast-free view and served this group the wine and the wafers, barely avoiding laughter at the naked fury in Sister Jensen’s eyes. As he bade the supplicants rise, Sister Jensen leaped to her feet and stormed away from the altar at warp speed, fuming so hard she nearly burst into flame. As she passed Sister Sutter, the veteran stewardess reclaimed the lap cloth in one practiced motion, deftly folded it and replaced it in her sash.
Engrossed in her anger, Sister Jensen completely missed Sis. Nathan’s steely glare, the heat vision emanating from Evangelist Donna Carson and the eye lasers from Yolanda Mason-Bennett. Even mild-mannered usher Dee Winston gave Sis. Jensen a look capable of warping microwaveable plastic.
Let that be a lesson in what not to wear to church, Pastor Nathan thought. Sis. Hennessy isn’t the only one coming to the altar half naked, and this is gonna stop right now. If I have to have these sisters looking like they’re sitting in the beauty shop to get some peace of mind, that’s what I’ll do. I’m here to preach the gospel and lead this flock, not deal with women who don’t respect my marriage.

--"Luke Warm Saint" by K. L. Belvin Taken from SOLDIERS OF THE CROSS

Karen, it's hard for me to explain. Kevin lowered his eyes to the floor away from Karen as he spoke. I just don’t want to be reminded of heaven, hell and all that other religious stuff. We were talking about your husband, weren’t we?
Kevin, every time we're together, it's wrong in God’s eyes.
Kevin clasped his hands and stares in Karen’s eyes. He didn’t like being reminded of how he was violating the values which were instilled when he was younger. When Karen spoke, Kevin could hear his mother and grandmother "Kevin, it seems like every other day you’re with a different woman. One day you’re going to pay for living your life like this. Hell is filled with men like you. Good men who allowed their choices to cause them to lose their soul. Its happened to this family before."

They always asked when he was going to settle down, why he didn’t give in to the Lord and become a member of the church. Kevin always believed his spiritual life was balanced even if he didn’t always follow the rules for being a good Christian. He felt the Lord knew what was in his heart and that was all that mattered.
Baby, I'm no church boy. I respect the faith but I don’t need to have it shoved down my throat.
Karen stands to make sure she has Kevin’s attention. Kevin, did you hear what you just said? You respect the faith? How are you going to respect the faith when you’re sleeping with another man's wife? Karen walked away shaking her head and began to brush her hair.
You know what, I don’t want to have this conversation. Kevin said firm, standing and looking around for his belongs. Didn’t you say you had to get to the school?

SOLDIERS OF THE CROSS by Maurice M Gray Jr, Isaiah David Paul, and myself.

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