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Monday, August 12, 2013

From Gigolo to Jesus was a hit in, Seaford, DE.

Back from a weekend in Seaford, DE. I attended the AFRAM Festival in Seaford. This was my first time in this part of Delaware. Love it. The town was nice and people even nicer. 

It was great to see From Gigolo to Jesus proved it cuts across color lines. It was an honor to so many people from different backgrounds interested in what this book has to offer. The one think I have come to learn is when you are willing to place your personal trash out to the public in book form, it creates great conversations. Pain knows no color and my book is proof anyone can change their lives. Again, something which knows no color. 

When I made the choice to return to marketing this book, it was with the understanding there would be no limits to who I was going to help. My transformation is not about black, white or anyone in between. From Gigolo to Jesus is about the Lord Almighty and His grace for a man like me who didn't deserve the blessing given. 

As my wife and I make the moves needed to relocate to Delaware my push is to continue to make "From Gigolo to Jesus" my ministry. I am going to find as many people as I can to help. Using this book I am going to change as many lives as possible. 

Delaware is going to be the new head quarters for the rest of our lives. The push to make positive changes continues. The cool thing is we were invited to another affair in Sept. and Oct. Can't wait. 

Stay tuned for details on when and where you can come out to get a signed copy of "From Gigolo to Jesus" if you would like a copy go to
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