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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Late Great Paul Williams of the Temptations and "From Gigolo to Jesus"

I love this video of the late great Paul Williams. 

He was dealing with internal demons. He was losing his position with the Temptations (a group he created), fighting alcohol addiction and it had been reported he placed his hands on his wife. Sometimes the talent the Lord gives you will come to the surface to offer the world a glimpse of itself. It will fight the damage you've done to yourself since it given from the Lord.

If you pay attention to Paul's eyes you can see the pain and fight to focus,, But once he allows his God given talent to take over watch how the sound and feelings of the song change.
In my opinion he is trying to say "I'm sorry" to everyone and especially his wife, as well as to show the world that talented man they grew to love is still in there. Sadly, Paul Williams later committed suicide. When we can't purge our pain it will take us places we may not be able to return from.

When I wrote "From Gigolo to Jesus" I wanted to purge those same type of demons. I used the tools and talents I had to do so. Now my talent may not be on the level of Mr. Williams. I would never vainly make that claim. However, pain knows pain. I can see it and sense it in Mr. Williams eyes as he sings. I was there many nights when laying with woman after woman while cheating on the women I said I loved. So I understand. I also understand what can happen if you use the God given talent to change the course your on. There moments when your talent is enough to bring you back from the brink of destruction.

My book "From Gigolo to Jesus" is my way of getting that poison out of my system and fixing what was wrong in my life. I am hoping to the do the same for others. to get your copy.

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