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Monday, August 19, 2013

Upcoming Radio Interviews... "From Gigolo to Jesus" going hard.

Yes I am trying to end my summer by going hard with the promotion of my book and brand. 
I told you, I am working on bringing the attention needed for 

to be the book I knew it could be. 

Spread the word and mark your calendars. Summers going to end right!!!

I am going to help as many people as I can with From Gigolo to Jesus" by K. L. Belvin - Memoir

Tonight it was an interview on the "Tamika Hall Radio Show" Check out the archives and share it with folks who need to deal with "Cheating"

@ 11pm tonight I'm on MsCyncity UntamedTalent on "Cyn's write a request." or call in 646 595 4884 to listen and ask a question

Tuesday night 8 / 19 I'm on with Tygah Sabre Thomas on Jungle Love Show discussing "Sex in/and the Church" @ 9:30pm to hear on You can also call to chat at 559-726-1300 (Code 850633). Also Listen in on

Make sure you write down, Saturday the 8 / 31 I am on with Tonya Denise Allen on "The Tonya Talks Radio Show" 11-12pst / 2-3pm est

Let's get the word out about my book. I am sure it can save lives by sparking great conversations.

God Bless

K. L. Belvin

click the picture to order a signed copy today from Bravin Publishing 


Brittnei Washington said...

I think it is so awesome what you and your wife are doing! God bless you both and the new baby! :)

Kl Belvin said...

Sorry for not responding. Missed your comment. Thank you sister. Pray all is well with you. Pass the word. We are trying to do big things. God Bless.

Road Trips are different in this country. We have to be smart.

In this country, we have to be more careful with the times. Things are hyper racial and when on these roads we must understand the problems...