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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

12 years ago,, Will any of us every forget?

12 years ago today I was doing what I was doing today, teaching and protecting our children. 
That day, I had to fake the fear because we had children to keep calm. I was teaching at IS 211 in Brooklyn that day. We took a hit as a school community with the parents and family members loss that day. 
With all that was going on, the children we kept the children in our care safe until their parents came. Some arrived covered in dirt and dust from the falling buildings to receive their children, some just ran in wearing whatever they could toss on in the house. We did the job and that building stayed open until every child had a place to go. Some weren't able to go home since their parents were longer among the living but we found safe places for them to rest their weary bodies and souls. 

I thank the Lord that 12 years later he has allowed me to continue to care for children the same way

From my book "A Man in Transition" written later that night after getting home after dealing with all the pain of the day 12 years ago. 

A Note to the Students
911 remembered by a teacher who was teaching in Brooklyn, NY on that day.

As you watched the horror and asked your questions, I’ll tried to find the answers to all you ask.
When you're uncertain and scared, I‘ll be the calm and the rock for you to rest on.
When the world seems like it’s closing in on you, these helping hand are here to hold you.
If you look around and no one’s there for you, I ‘m just a call away.
If you’ve lost someone who loves you, I will share the love I have. 
If you think you want to quit, I’ll be the one who nudges you to keep going.
When you say who cares, I’ll be the one who does.
As you grow and become a man or woman, I'll be here smiling knowing I helped with your growth.
To the students who lost their lives in a foolish act, there will always be a place for you in my heart so you’re never forgotten. 
To the students I haven’t met, I’ll remain this way in case our paths cross.
At a time like this, it is you who help me remember why I became a teacher.
One of the hardest jobs I will ever love. My prayers are with you.                                                                             

God bless those children who lost their lives and loved ones.

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