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Monday, September 2, 2013

Bravin Publishing. My dream and offer to the world.

The hardest thing in the world is getting folks to stand with you in support when you take a stance and attempt to create what isn't the norm. 

When I decided to become an author my work was going to reflect who I was as a man. It has been my intent to offer the world the same things I stand for as educator, father, and man of God. 

When I started Bravin Publishing it was to give authors a partner who would support the creation of their books. While removing the worry of being taken advantage of. A company which promotes poetry, memoir, self-help, history, teen-age fiction, even attempted urban science fiction. To this day, I will not write or support the types of works which set our children up to not be able to differentiate from truth or fantasy with things of negativity, which could hurt them and cause poor choices in the end. For adults I work hard to do the same for those who might be looking for a good escape when they sit back to steal a few moments from a busy day to read a book or two.

This is who Bravin Publishing is and will continue to be in the future. I have made my mistakes and placed my faith in the works of others only to come up with losses.. Now I'll rest my company's future on the strength and talents of who I am and who the Lord made me to be. The stories, I'll write, the poems I'll pen, and works of art I can produce will be the validation of an idea given to me by the Lord himself. The proof will be in the books I create. You can support or step to the side. My work is going to get done. 

Off to Write!!! 

Bravin Publishing "Writing From The Heart, The Way It Should Be!!" 

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