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Friday, October 18, 2013

Don't let fear steal your blessing.

A tidbit from the man who wrote "From From Gigolo to Jesus" by K. L. Belvin - Memoir and "A Man In Transition"; 

Because of fear I passed on a scholarship to attend NYU in 1994 and gave away my chance to take part in a brand new program for their "Travel and Tourism" program. 

I was an honor student at Kingsborough Community College graduating with a Associates and a 3.56 GPA. The Dean of students in my depatment wrote a fantastic referral letter for me to attend the program and I was accepted on his words alone. Because of fear and lack of support from my ex-wife I said no and return to York College / CUNY where I had started years earlier before getting kicked out for bad grades. 

When I look back it baffles me to no end why I didn't take the chance. I allowed the thoughts of not being able to perform with other students reside in my head. I forgot I too was an honor student worthy of being there.
The Lord may open the door, you still have to be brave enough to walk through. Don't let fear close an open door to you. If the Lord blesses you don't give it back because of things not seen. Do it because of the things not seen, >>>>> What is FAITH, but the belief in things not seen. FAITH in God is more than enough to comfort you because if he opened the door he'll see you through it. 

In my writing I try to share what I've feel in every word without fear. I refuse to miss out again.

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