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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Coming January 7th, "Soldiers Of The Cross" a new Christian Fiction Anthology.

Coming January 7th, "Soldiers Of The Cross" a new Christian Fiction Anthology. Written by Maurice M Gray Jr, Isaiah David Paul
and me. We are going to show your there are many roads to the cross. Pre-Order today.

Here is a another excerpt from my story 
"Luke Warm Saint" 
A Man Can Serve Two Masters. 

“I’m good, Kevin, how are you?” Richard responded with excitement in his voice.
“Ahhhh, I’m tired. Like I said, I had a late lunch.”
“Yeah, right. What was her name this time? You probably were with Karen.”
“Ooooooooh! Am I that predictable?”
“Yes, sir, you are. You have been that way since we were children. How do you think I knew how to keep you out of trouble?”
“Listen, Richard, I’m having a ball living my life. We've only been at this for about four or five months. It’s been pretty cool. I really like her.”
“Kevin, are you crazy? Karen’s married, Dawg.” Richard voice is stern. “I mean, you’re blatantly throwing your business in the Lord’s face. At some point, He’s going to answer back and you’re not going to like it when it happens.”
Kevin’s face showed the tension he had with these type of conversations. He spoke with a touch of anger in his voice, “Richard, please don’t preach to me tonight. Brother, I love you, and I know you have my back, but please let me figure this out on my own. You are starting to sound like my grandmother. Can we just have one conversation and you not bring the Lord into it?”

This anthology would make the perfect gift for the person who loves the Lord and anyone who enjoys great stories. Please support our efforts as we attempt to show the world how the Lord flows through our pens. God Bless. To Pre-order your copy today goto or

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