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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Excerpt from "Soldiers of the Cross" The New Christian Fiction Anthology I am a part of. Pre-order today.

Here is an excerpt of my story "Luke Warm Saint". In "Lukewarm Saint", an educator battles two loves only to find he can’t serve two masters and must choose between the Lord or lust. Check out this clip from my story. If you want to pre-order please go to use discount code ("soldiers" to get 15% off your purchase) If you want to get 25% off any purchase of 2 books or more use discount code "Christmas"

“Listen here, boy.”  Her eyes locked in on her grandson. Her tone changed, and her pitch climbed just short of shouting. “People didn’t get divorced in those days like they do today. People didn’t just put a person on and off like a pair of shoes. When you got married, it was for good or for bad. And the word of God told me to stay. What I was supposed to do?
“I did what I was told to do as a wife. I tried to save my husband’s life. I stood with him in church, and he stopped loving the Lord with his heart. He would do the same things the same way you do. Spend his time scoping out the ladies and dancing with the devil in the Lord’s house.  Now the only difference is you haven’t committed your life to preaching the word, but that is coming.
“He stopped loving the Lord, but that wasn’t going to make me stop loving him. I prayed for that man every day.  So you see, when that lady’s husband came and shot him dead, all I could do was bury him. If it wasn’t for the insurance he had, we wouldn’t have this house, and you wouldn’t have gotten the education you were supposed to get. Now you see how the Lord works it, son?
“From your grandfather’s death, it gave us life. That’s how God does it. He’ll take one bad thing and turn around and make a whole lot of good things come from it. I never found another man who was going to marry me and take care of me the way Big Daddy did. So I remained a woman of God. You’re asking why I have never remarried because you’re thinking how a person can go that long without sex. When you mature and learn to look to the Lord for more than the physical, you’ll be OK. So you see I have been just fine.” 
Shaking his head as if this concept was a new one to him, Kevin frowned at his grandmother. He was not sure how to take what she said. It didn’t fit what he felt about God. “Nana, that don’t make any sense. How do you say Granpop getting shot was a good thing, even if we were given insurance money? That man took away your husband and left you all alone.”
Nana leaned forward to slide up to the front of her chair. Resting both hands on the arm rest firmly, she pushed herself up and forward. She stepped over to give Kevin a hug. She could see the confusion in his face, and a grandmother knew when it was time to comfort her child. Leaning over her grandson, with a soothing voice, she said, “Baby, I am not alone. I’ve had God all these years. I had Jesus Christ walking with me every day. Where your grandfather was concerned, every night I prayed and part of my prayers was that he would find his way back to the Lord.
“He didn’t want to because he was caught up in the women. So when that man took his life, he gave us money that I would have never been able to get on my own. I had no education. I was a stay-at-home mom taking care of your mother. I was helping her to take care of you. You’re no-good dad offered us nothing. Your grandfather tried to live his life his way. He left here at 43 years old, but he probably could have gotten another 40 or 60 years like me. Who knows?” - Kevin's Grandmother from "A Luke Warm Saint" 

I am excited about this project, it has given me a chance to pick up my fictional pen again. I haven't written fictionally since "The Soul of a Man" anthology won an award in 2009. Back then I had the pleasure of standing with 12 other talented authors. Well 2 of those 12 talent men are standing with me again to pen this new anthology. My brothers Maurice M. Gray Jr. and Isaiah David Paul have their words in the book and its going to be a great read. 

The other two stories are:
 "Called Out of the Lines" by Maurice M. Gray, Jr., a pastor who can ball on the court at an NBA level must decide whether taking a high office truly is his calling or just a temptation to elevate himself for personal gain. 

Finally in "Follow the Leader" by Isaiah David Paul, a minister who used to lead a life of crime must help two new converts stay on the path of righteousness before all three of them stray by the wayside.

Don't wait to get this book. Please pass this information on to other Christians who want to read something with lines up with their faith. We are going to make sure the Lord is proud of us with this books. 

There are many ways to the cross, and these Soldiers of the Cross are leading the way.

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