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Monday, December 30, 2013

No Resolutions for 2014, Just Noise Reduction

Working on reducing the noise around me going in 2014. Non-Negotiable like work, bills, family responsibilities are not a focus. I must go, they must be paid and my families needs me do my thing.
However, my daily 3 personal focus areas are 1. My Health / Fitness 2. My Spiritual Walk 3. My Writing. (They are not in any particular order, don't look that deep)

I have found the noise we encounter comes from having way to much at our disposal and our minds attempt to take in some of everything around us. I won't do it. If the things around me are not feeding one of my focus areas then its time to place it to the side. I started last week. I was not waiting for any particular date in 2014, to me that was like saying "I'll do it tomorrow" when the noise is around me today.

The changes needed will come with a deeper immersion into my focus areas. Some folks will grow upset when they feel they are not being listened to by the my lack of response. This will not be problem because over time "water finds it mark" and those who are forces of positive energy will replace those who can't understand or choose not support my evolution.

Have a great day and beginning to 2014 family.

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