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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Please support us and our movement.

You never really know how many people are reading what you post here or on Facebook. I want to thank all of you for the public and private well wishes, scriptures and prayers.Tiffany Braxton Belvin and are going to continue to make things happen. If you want to support what we are doing.

Here is what you can do,
1. Please Pray with us and for us. As the Lord in Jesus name, to guide what say and do when we are working to serve Him and others.
2. Please support by purchasing our books and telling others to do the or
3. Send Tiff your book club, church, mentor or organization's information so we can work out a book signing or speaking engagement (We are looking to showcase our "Making Marriage Cool Again" Seminar more often) You can set up for for both of us, Tiff, or me to speak to various groups of people. Tiff's email is
4. Tune in and tell others to check out the radio show "Reality and Relationship" every Thursday 8 - 10 pm EST. or from your phone 646-200-3838 if you want to be a guest and have something which connects to relationships somehow email us your information and media kit to
5. Go to local book stores and ask for "From Gigolo to Jesus" and any other Bravin Publishing publishing book.
6. Like our pages From Gigolo to Jesus" by K. L. Belvin - MemoirBravin PublishingMaking Marriage Cool Again, and Author Tiffany Braxton Belvin
7. Check out our Blogs
8. Hook up with us on Twitter: @AuthorKLBelvin @BravinBooks and @TBRaxtonBelvin On LinkedIn: K. L. Belvin,  Google+: KL Belvin
9. From now until the end of January, please support the new book I am part of with Maurice M Gray Jr and Isaiah David Paul,,, Like each of us, Please take my profile picture and make it yours for a month. When people ask about the picture or book tell them they can purchase their copy at >>> If they want to know who created the cover Allyson M. Deese tell her K. L. Belvin sent you.

Please take a minute to consider which is best for you. We need your help and support to increase the business we started in 2010.
By now everyone knows we are a faith based Christian Couple. That automatically cause some to stop listening to what we do or to choose not to support. We're OK with that, we know there is enough follows of Jesus Christ and others who want to see changes in their brothers and sister to reach out. Let's go. As I have stated before I don't what our current situation is we are going to make things happen. We love you all and God Bless.

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