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Monday, January 20, 2014

Be Careful When You Want More Than You Have Now. (Adam & Even, King David)

Be Careful When You Want More Than You Have Now. 

(Adam & Even, King David)

Often, I think about how to solve the problems I face in my life; knowing I have the ability to help others. As a Christian, I always meditate on the Lord's word to help me figure where I am supposed to be. This makes going to church more interesting because I focus on the message and attempt to apply it to my life or my walk as a man of God. 

Recently, I've questioned why people push themselves to obtain "more" as if having "enough" of anything is negative. Yet, the moment we lose, or come close to losing everything, we cry about having enough. Then it hit me. The same thing has occurred and was written in the Bible since the beginning of time. People  who aren't comfortable with what they have want more, and it costs them in the end. In my studies, there are a few Bible stories which stand out.

Adam and Eve had it all. They had the Garden of Eden and dominion of all they saw as well as all they ever needed. They had daily walks and talks with the Lord himself. Yet, Eve allowed the devil to convince her something was being held from her. When Eve allowed herself to consider there was more out there to get she took her eyes and thoughts off of what damage could be done to her and Adam.

Adam was there with Eve and instead of stopping the her he allowed her to eat and then offer him the fruit which they were forbidden to eat. It is my opinion Adam, started to think about the extras which would be given if the serpent was correct. So, he placed the Lord behind his desire. The cost of their actions were sin released into the world, the loss of the garden, pain during child birth, and scurrying about to find food. All things they didn't have to worry about before. (Genesis 3)

King David, the king of Israel, was another example of desiring more than the Lord had provided. He was known, the world over, for his defeat of goliath. As the king he stood at the top of his palace where he saw a beautiful woman. David had wives and children and all the spoils his kind of stature could have, along with favor of the Lord, Himself.

David laid his eyes on Bathsheba; a married woman whom David knew was wrong to be with. Yet, he sent for her and had his way with her. He then got her pregnant. When worried about his actions being founded, he concocted a plan to get her husband to lay with her so the child would be considered his and no one would be the wiser. Bathsheba's husband, Uriah, was a dedicated soldier of Israel and a honorable man. When summoned to the King, his plan to get Uriah drunk so he would go home to be with his wife failed. You see, Uriah was a man focused on his duty of protecting Israel, he didn't have time to go home for sex while Israel needed to be protected during the current time of war, even at the King's request.

Now, David had to do something else, so he ordered Joab to place Uriah where the fighting was fierce and then withdraw leaving Uriah to perish. Uriah was killed along with a few others in battle (2 Samuel 11). You see, here is King David with all a man could want, yet he allowed his desire for more to lead him down a road which eventually cost the lives of innocent people. When you read the Bible further, you'll see David continue to pay for his actions.

My hope is to get you to consider what the cost of wanting more will be. There are times wanting more pays off and actually benefits the world, but if you look at the examples I mentioned the risk was not worth the reward. You also have to pay attention to who is supporting your choices. Don't allow the devil or a person like Joab to guide your choices.

I pray all of us are able to make the proper decisions when the time comes. If you think having enough is not the best place to be, I would offer this; Consider what your life would be if you lost your current position you are in, if the idea of losing your current situation is something you couldn't perceive then you might not want to risk it all to simply get more of what you think is better. Final consider what role the Lord, Himself plays in where you and what you have. If supernatural forces allowed you to get to where you are. Don't be so quick to depart from that covering for things you think you would like.

No one makes the choice for you but other forces can lead you to think the choices your making are good one. I hope this helps in some way.

God Bless. 

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