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Friday, January 17, 2014

Last year in November my life changed forever,,, Here is my Baptism.

Leading up to this day I got nervous. It was something I listed as one of my personal goals in life; to get reconnected to the Lord. My mother said I was Baptized when I was five years old. I was too young to remember. Plus, after giving my life to the Lord, I wanted to do this. I wanted to make a public statement to the Lord.

After meeting Pastor Griepp in August, I knew I had found my home at Church of the Rock. We sat and I told him my story and he shared his. I knew the Lord had lead me to my new church home. As the following months progressed, my love for the Lord grew and my affection to the church increased. Once we decided on a date, November couldn't get here quick enough. Losing my grandmother in July, and then my mother-in-law in September I felt even more I needed to do this.
Many people think when one decides to become a Christian they are giving up much. Actually, you are gaining. Gaining a peace of mind, a new family, and a new beginning.

The only down part of the day if there was any, was not having my grandmother there saying, "All Right Now!!" Her favorite words. Right before I stood on that stage to confess my sins to the congregation I thought about her and fought back the tears. I know she was in Heaven smiling down on me. This day was for her as much as it was for me.

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